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K9 Under the Influence: The Dangers of Dogs Getting High


You wouldn’t leave a bag of grapes or a big chocolate bar within your dog’s reach.

Both these products contain chemicals toxic to dogs and could cause them serious harm. While most responsible pet owners know about the dangers of these foods for their best friend, many are unaware of the potential dangers of dogs getting high or ingesting marijuana.

Can Dogs Get High?

Yes. Just like humans, dogs can get high. This may be from secondhand marijuana smoke as well as ingesting marijuana or THC products. Marijuana will affect dogs in different ways than it does humans. Instead of feeling euphoric or relaxed, your dog may have a bad trip. A Colorado vet who has seen an influx of dogs getting high since recreational marijuana was legalized in the state reports that the effects of marijuana on dogs may include loss of fine motor control and poor coordination.1

Why You Should Not Get A Dog High

While it may be comical to see your canine friend stoned, dogs and marijuana are not a good mix. Not only is your dog getting high off marijuana smoke dangerous, but your four-legged friend might also make the mistake of ingesting this potent substance or its related products. If one edible can leave you feeling high, imagine what three could do to your 15-pound pug.

Depending on the amount of marijuana ingested by the dog as well as the exact product, it may even be fatal. One vet reported that dogs that got into products with medical-grade marijuana butter died from it. 1 Fortunately, in many cases your furry best friend will be back to normal by the next day, but it is not worth the risk of putting Fido in harm’s way.

If you get a dog stoned or your dog ingests marijuana, it is safer to get them medical attention sooner rather than later.  A veterinarian can help your dog in ways that you cannot and could potentially save them from serious harm.

Beyond Stoned K9s

It isn’t just your household pets who may be suffering from your smoking habit. Contrary to popular belief, marijuana may not be as safe for humans as many people believe. Although there is a national push to legalize recreational marijuana, the long-term effects of this substance are still mostly unknown. There is also research to suggest that marijuana is a gateway drug as well as potentially addictive. Both of these factors could lead to serious problems including the need for substance abuse treatment in the future.

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