May 23, 2023

How Does Alcohol Affect Athletic Performance?

Banyan Treatment Centers Palm Springs is analyzing the correlation between alcohol and athletic performance, muscle growth, and other physical consequences.
April 20, 2023

Why Do People Become Alcoholics?

Why do people become alcoholics? There are plenty of causes of alcoholism that can happen to anyone. Visit Banyan Heartland here to read about them.
April 18, 2023

Why Do Alcoholics Blame Others?

Why do alcoholics blame others? Visit Banyan Chicago here to understand denial and other reasons people with drinking problems may point a finger at others.
April 18, 2023

How Does Alcohol Affect The Stomach?

Banyan Treatment Centers Sebring asks - how does alcohol affect the stomach? Click here to learn about the negative side effects it can cause you and much more.
April 14, 2023

Alcohol Alternatives to Relax

Many people drink to unwind after a long day, but is this the safest solution? Visit Banyan Texas here for some alcohol alternatives to relax you can try.
April 5, 2023

What Is a Bender and Why Is It Dangerous?

What is a bender? Banyan Treatment Centers Heartland is exploring this dangerous phenomenon, and why excessive alcohol consumption is never a good idea.
February 24, 2023

Alcohol Help Hotline

Banyan Chicago has compiled a list of alcohol help hotline numbers for those in need of guidance regarding their addiction. Learn more here.
February 24, 2023

What Happens to Your Brain When You Stop Drinking

What happens to your brain when you stop drinking? The experts at Banyan Treatment Centers Chicago delve into this query, and what a person can do about it.
February 17, 2023

The Gallbladder and Alcohol: Effects & Drinking After Removal

While the effects of drinking on the liver are well-known, is the relationship between the gallbladder and alcohol also toxic? Banyan Texas shares more.