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Equine Therapy for Mental Health & Addiction Treatment

Equine Therapy for Mental Health & Addiction Treatment

In recent years, equine therapy for addiction treatment has grown in popularity. At Banyan Treatment Centers, we believe in the importance of equine therapy for addiction and mental health treatment in Pompano, Boca, and beyond. We offer equine-assisted therapy at several of our facilities, helping patients make the most of our residential mental health programs. Here is how equine therapy can help, and the benefits of this healing program.

What is Equine Therapy?

Equine therapy is a method of treatment for addiction, alcoholism, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental health disorders. During equine therapy, patients interact with horses on an interpersonal level, which brings many benefits. There are several types of equine therapy, including therapies where patients ride horses, and others where patients spend more time caretaking for these sweet animals. Our outpatient and residential mental health programs incorporate equine therapy in which patients take care of horses.

Some of the many benefits include:

Anyone who has spent time around horses can tell you how gentle these creatures are. Caring for and bonding with horses during equine-assisted therapy helps patients overcome their own mental blocks against growth by communicating on nonverbal levels. Horses are phenomenal at communication and they pick up on subtle social cues, making them exceptional counterparts for healing at a drug and alcohol treatment center.

Patients who participate in equine-assisted therapy programs experience a better sense of self, increased spiritual healing, a greater connection to the earth, and improved interactions with those around them.[1] These equine therapy benefits can assist patients who have a variety of mental health disorders and needs.

Where to Find Equine-Assisted Therapy Programs

When choosing a drug and alcohol treatment center for your recovery, consider a facility that offers equine-assisted therapy programs. We offer equine-assisted therapy with several of our residential mental health programs and outpatient options. This therapy is utilized in conjunction with other therapies and rehab services, such as group therapy, biofeedback, family programs, and more.

Successful addiction and mental health treatment hinges on a multifaceted approach to treatment for all patients. At Banyan Treatment Centers, we understand that addiction treatment must address the whole patient, not just one component of their addiction. To truly recover, a full scope of care is needed. This is why we offer a wide variety of treatment opportunities, including equine therapy for addiction treatment and mental health treatment.

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