Executive Rehab Program

When discussing drug addiction, a well-groomed, put together, and highly educated executive isn’t usually the first person who comes to mind. Professionals and high-level executives aren’t immune to addiction. Although these professionals may seem to have it all, the high levels of stress and pressure to perform well can drive them to substance abuse. It’s not uncommon for individuals in these situations to seek out drug or alcohol abuse as a way to cope with the stresses and pressures in their lives. However, substance abuse is dangerous, and casual drinking or drug use can quickly spiral out of control.

Many people believe they would be able to recognize the signs of addiction in their coworkers, but this is often not the case. Because these professionals are usually put together and appear to be pristine in their outward appearance, it can be hard to identify the internal damage of substance abuse. Even if other coworkers are suspicious of any substance abuse problems, employers will often overlook these issues because they don’t want to lose an employee. This could backfire, and employers may not realize how damaging an employee’s addiction can be to the company. While some employers may consider substance abuse to be a “personal problem”, these issues can have a negative impact on their work and the company. For the sake of the individual, as well as the company, they may need to enter an executive rehab program.


Benefits of Executive Drug Treatment Programs

Because many high-level professionals have a high position at a company, they may find it difficult to admit that they have a substance abuse problem and need help. These individuals have often worked long hours, dealt with large amounts of stress, and have often put their careers ahead of many things in their lives, including their health. They may even look to substance abuse as a way to perform better, all the while not realizing the damage they’re doing to their bodies. Even if they realize that addiction treatment is necessary, they may be reluctant to risk their careers by stepping away from their work during their recovery. This is where our executive drug program can help.

Executive drug treatment is specifically designed for high-level professionals who need addiction treatment but don’t want to step away from the office for fear of losing their careers. Unlike other rehab programs where individuals have limited to no access to Wi-Fi and technology, executive treatment programs allow patients to continue working and stay connected to their coworkers throughout their recovery. In addition to their therapies and programming, patients can work remotely throughout their recovery without entirely neglecting their work or careers.


Substance Abuse Treatment for Executives and Professionals

Executives and high-level professionals have worked hard to achieve their career goals and their way of living, and we believe they shouldn’t have to sacrifice these achievements to get sober. While there may be many executive rehab centers in Florida, not all of them will be able to offer the level of care and comfort that we can at our rehab center in Palm Beach Shores. What sets us apart from other executive rehabs is the wide variety of substance abuse programs we offer. We do our best to match the comfort of the lifestyle our patients are accustomed to in their daily lives.

Our executive substance abuse program also offers patients access to a business center where they can complete their work during recovery. Throughout their time in our executive drug treatment, patients will have access to laptops and tablets in between treatments, so they don’t miss a thing. Our executive program allows patients to focus on their recovery while allowing them to partake in their work responsibilities. This treatment also mimics the person’s everyday work routine, so the transition back to everyday life after rehab can be smooth.


Our Executive Program

While everyone is different, most of our patients in an executive substance abuse treatment will first undergo detox treatment. Because detoxing from a substance can be uncomfortable, our luxury detox is designed to make the process easier and safer. Patients will receive constant care in a comfortable environment from trained medical personnel who administer medications to make withdrawal symptoms more manageable. Whether patients are in our residential treatment program or any other less intensive program, patients in our executive drug treatment track will still participate in various therapies that are designed to target all aspects of addiction. With the use of individual therapy and group sessions, patients will have the opportunity to reflect on their addiction and learn to shift back into their life after rehab.


Our Additional Treatment Options

At our Pompano, Philadelphia, and Massachusetts locations, we provide a similar program called the Mature Track. This program is designed for older adults and professionals that may have different needs than adults in our other substance abuse programs. These patients will be treated by a caring staff that are trained to work with individuals in their age group.

In addition to the Mature Track, our luxury executive rehab program at Banyan Palm Beach Shores provides patients with the amenities and high level of comfort that they may be accustomed to. Although our Mature Track can be beneficial to professionals, our luxury executive program takes treatment one step further.

At Banyan, we understand the impact substance abuse can have on a person’s career, as well as their need to continue working even during treatment. Our executive rehab program helps patients overcome their addictions while balancing their careers and self-care. 


Not all programs available at all locations. Please contact the location for availability.

Most Insurance Plans Accepted

At Banyan Treatment Center our goal is to make sure that anyone who needs treatment from drug and alcohol addiction are able to get the help needed to assist them on the road to recovery. If you don't have insurance contact us to inquire about alternate methods regarding treatment for yourself or a loved one.

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