Detox Programs at Banyan Treatment Centers

Detoxification, a.k.a. detox, is an initial step in the drug and alcohol treatment process. During detox at our drug addiction treatment center, patients either completely stop or severely diminish their use of drugs or alcohol. This allows the body to readjust to a state where it is no longer dependent on the drugs, which frees the patient from physical cravings from drugs and alcohol. With physical cravings out of the way, patients are able to address the underlying cause of their addiction through treatment and therapy. Without detox, patients can’t begin to lay the groundwork for lasting sobriety. Drug detox is a crucial step in getting and staying sober.

Medically Monitored Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs

At Banyan Treatment Center, we believe in taking the safest possible approach to drug detox. The best drug detox option is a medically monitored detox program. With this approach to detox, patients are comfortable and safe throughout the detox process.

With medical detox, medications may be utilized to treat and prevent withdrawals. All medications are administered through strict protocol with the goal being a successful and safe detoxification from any addictive substances. We want our patients to have the most secure and comfortable detoxification process possible and we provide 24-hour nursing care. All of our treatment and supervision is provided in accordance with law, clinical, and accreditation guidelines.

Alcohol Detox

Alcohol is known to be one of the most difficult and dangerous substances to detox from. The withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening if not medically supervised. At Banyan Treatment Centers, we help ensure that our patients have the safest possible environment for their alcohol detox and provide the necessary resources to administer the program.

Benzo Detox

Benzodiazepines are addictive drugs that can produce withdrawal symptoms requiring medical attention. These drugs are dangerous to detox from, but safe detox is possible with help from our clinical staff at Banyan Treatment Center.

Prescription Pill Detox

Many prescribed medications are psychoactive, mind-altering, and can lead to addiction problems. Prescription drugs fall into three main classes: opioid pain relievers, stimulants, and central nervous system depressants. The most successful way to detox from any form of prescription pills would be a medically supervised prescription pill detox program.

Opiate Detox

Opiates, also known as opioids, are prescription medications used for pain management. The prescription drugs produce a short-lived euphoria, that have been proven addictive. The traditional “cold turkey” method of detox has been proven ineffective and we believe in a proper medical detox because it is safer, far more comfortable, and the best way to start a successful recovery.

Methadone Detox

Methadone stays in the body for a long period of time and is incredibly difficult to detox from. We can help you detox from harmful medications that can cause physical dependence and that produce symptoms of methadone withdrawal when ceased.

Heroin Detox

Heroin is a well-known opiate that has lured many people into its deadly grip. The physical feeling that heroin promises is that of a highly addictive euphoria. We here at Banyan Treatment Centers believe that with the proper heroin detox method, the mental and physical dependence can be conquered for long-term success.