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Alcohol and Relationships

addiction and relationships

For those struggling with addiction, it is common knowledge that they are not the only ones being affected. Their family, friends, romantic partners, and even their co-workers have noticed the deterioration of their loved one, while the relationships with these people have understandably been placed under significant stress. For those struggling with alcoholism, the cycle of abuse on oneself and those around them can easily get out of hand without them even realizing it. Banyan Chicago is exploring the correlation between alcohol and relationships and what can be done in response to any emotional damage that is caused.  

How Alcohol Destroys Relationships 

Depending on the connection in question, alcohol dependency can have a variety of damaging effects. From marriages to friendships to even business relations, alcoholic behavior in relationships can have a detrimental effect on all involved. 

Some of the most common correlations between alcoholism and relationships include the following: 

  • Loss of time spent on recovering from a binge: Hangovers are difficult to handle on any given day, but when they need to be dealt with on a regular basis, this can lead to a slew of canceled arrangements, appointments, and broken promises.  
  • Neglecting responsibilities: If a person relies on an alcoholic for any reason, they are likely to find that the things that are promised to them are not followed through on. 
  • Issues with the law: Alcohol and abuse in relationships are all too common for many individuals. While the likelihood of domestic physical disturbances arises alongside alcohol use, so does the likelihood of being pulled over for a DUI or any other alcohol-related legal issue.  
  • Money problems: Alcohol is not cheap and developing an addiction can quickly escalate a weekly habit into a full-blown economic crisis for both the individual and their family. 
  • More risk on a regular basis: Because it lowers inhibitions, alcohol abuse heightens the likelihood of ending up involved in reckless behavior that can impact several people. 
  • Codependent bonds can form: This is when negative or damaging habits are upheld by a partner/loved one with the desire to accommodate and de-escalate rather than confront the issue itself. 

Couples or family therapy is an excellent option for those interested in learning how to overcome codependency, both of which are offered at our Chicago addiction treatment center. 

Is a Relationship With an Alcoholic Worth It?  

At the end of the day, the answer to this question is up to the affected person to make. There are an endless number of factors to consider, including how long they have been together, how much of their life has been built along with their alcoholic loved one, and how much agency the addicted individual has shown in their own journey towards sobriety. Regardless, ignoring warning signs can have detrimental effects on all involved if not properly addressed.  

The truth of the matter is that addiction does not magically disappear after a stint in rehab. It is a battle that they will have to consider for the rest of their lives. To make a choice not to pick up a drink despite any amount of stress is not easy and requires an incredible amount of agency and strength. The risk of relapse will always be present and is worth considering. Recovering alcoholics and relationships is a delicate subject matter that must be given the level of thought and care that it warrants.  

Banyan’s Illinois Addiction Treatment Center Can Help 

The damaging correlations between alcohol and relationships are not lost on the professionals at our facilities. We understand how each of these things is connected and seek to provide ample support for all affected by the addiction in question. 

Our Chicago IOP serves as a wonderful option for those looking to address their dependency while maintaining a sense of flexibility. Our patients can get the treatment they need to address their alcohol addiction with a variety of unique and effective therapy methods and programs.  

We hope to empower every individual that walks through our doors to recognize their own agency while acknowledging the very real effects that their actions can have on those closest to them.  

To learn more about our treatment options, call Banyan Chicago at 888-280-4763, and kickstart your recovery journey today.  


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Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
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