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How to Stop Binge Drinking

How to Stop Binge Drinking

What is binge drinking, and why do people binge drink if it causes long-term health issues? Binge drinking, is defined by the CDC as consuming 4 or more drinks (women) or 5 or more drinks (men) in about two hours, is a costly habit that can form an addiction, leading to serious health risks. When a person’s blood alcohol consumption (BAC) rises to 0.08% or above, then a person is at risk of adverse symptoms. Binge drinking is not necessarily an alcohol disorder, but it can be the beginning of forming one. If an individual is showing signs of alcoholism, it’s essential to learn how to stop binge drinking to avoid potential poisoning, organ failure, or fatal accidents.


Binge Drinking Facts

Alcohol is a drug, and the substance is classified as a depressant. When under the influence of alcohol, brain functioning causes a slow reaction time, resulting in slurred speech and impaired movement and judgment. People will binge drink to “loosen up” or distract themselves from worries or responsibilities. A national survey showed that about 66 million, or about 24 percent of people in the United States ages 12 and older, reported binge drinking during one month.1

As of 2021, Binge drinking in adults is increasing. Adults are also mixing alcohol with other drugs, which is becoming even more of a concerning dilemma. Studies show that women are more likely to binge drink, and women are binge drinking throughout the day and, on average, about three binge opioids per month.2

Weekend binge drinking is widespread in America as people sometimes reward themselves by consuming alcohol. Signs of a weekend binge drinker look like a person behaving differently when sober or feeling guilty after drinking a considerably high amount of alcohol. If you see this in yourself, it’s important to learn how to stop binge drinking through skills to control drinking and ensure that habits do not formulate and become long-term.


Ways to Stop Drinking

If you desire to learn ways to stop binge drinking, then you are headed in the right direction. Side effects from excess drinking include liver disease, low libido, heart attacks, alcohol poisoning, and overdose. Here are some ways to avoid these adverse effects:

  • Create a support system
  • Communicate with family and friends
  • Self-medicate through holistic approaches
  • Set limits or days to avoid drinking too much
  • Reward yourself in other ways besides drinking alcohol
  • Change your environment or establish new relationships that promote sobriety

Stopping alcohol can be extremely difficult but helpful for long-term good health. If you or a loved one are showing symptoms or signs of alcoholism, then an alcohol addiction treatment program may be what you need to start the path to recovery. In addition, keeping a journal, focusing on a healthy diet, or picking up a new hobby can help the mind stay clear and control cravings.


Addiction Help at Our Chicago Alcohol Treatment

At Banyan Treatment Centers Chicago, we offer unique programs like our 12-step program, pet therapy, art therapy, and more. We promote options and design treatment plans that work with our patients, supporting their needs and goals. For adults over 30, we offer a mature and mindfulness program, so communication on intention and group therapy can help address patterns and prevent relapse.

It’s not uncommon for those who struggle with alcohol to also misuse other substances, which is why we provide a prescription pill addiction treatment as well as other substance abuse treatments to help individuals recover and maintain long-term sobriety. There are many wonderful programs and services that can benefit patients to receive the professional care they need to return to living a productive life.  


Please don’t wait to contact a specialist at 888-280-4763 and get started on the path to recovery. We always have a team member available to answer any questions and can help you get started today!



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Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
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How to Stop Binge Drinking
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