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Warning Signs of Alcoholism in Your Loved One

In many ways, drinking is a part of the American culture. People frequent bars or clubs with their friends, secondary holidays have turned into drinking holidays, and alcohol is readily available at most places you go. While this social drinking may seem mostly harmless if you are careful, as a Palm Springs rehab, we know better. Social drinking can be a slippery slope to an alcohol abuse disorder.

Common Signs of Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism  

Because so many people drink, it can be hard to tell if someone likes to drink or if they have a drinking problem. If you suspect your loved one is teetering on this line, look for these signs of alcoholism.

Drinking Often

Alcoholics will drink at any hour of the day and often make excuses to drink. They are the first to suggest turning an event into a drinking party or to grab a bottle in the morning. Their frequent drinking can sometimes lead them to drink at inappropriate times or events.

Drinking in Excess

Alcoholics often have trouble with not only drinking often, but also with managing how much they consume in a short amount of time. It is common for people with a drinking problem to go overboard to the point of blackouts. Alcoholics will also develop a tolerance to the alcohol and have to drink more to feel the same effects.

Drinking to Forget

Alcohol abuse and mental health are often intertwined as people struggle to deal with their emotional burdens on their own and turn to alcohol for help. Alcohol becomes an unhealthy coping mechanism and the bad habit can lead to dependence and addiction. In order for the person to get sober for good, they typically need the help of several addiction treatment therapies that will address these underlying issues. Otherwise, many recovering alcoholics will fall back into this bad habit and relapse.

Neglected Responsibilities

Because they are intoxicated, alcoholics may begin to neglect their regular responsibilities, whether it is at home or at work. The quality of their work may slip, or they may not show up at all. At home, they may not be as helpful around the house or with the kids as they were before. While the occasional slip up is okay, when these slip ups become the norm, there is a serious problem.


Another common sign of alcoholism is lying. Both alcoholics and drug addicts lie to their loved ones about their substance abuse habits. They may hold back on both the amount and frequency of their drinking habits. They may also tell you that other people were drinking when they weren’t or lie about going out. Lying is often a form of denial about the severity of their drinking problem as well as a way to protect their loved ones from knowing the truth.

Drinking Alone

One of the most common signs of alcoholism is drinking alone. Drinking is a social activity for many people, but for alcoholics, it is much more than that. They crave alcohol and therefore have no problem drinking by themselves frequently. If your loved one is always drinking alone, it may be a cry for help.

Mood Swings

Some of the side effects of alcohol abuse are irritability and mood swings. Especially if the person is starting to sober up and experience withdrawal symptoms, they may become extra agitated. If these mood swings extend to violence, get help immediately.

Getting into Trouble

Alcohol can lower people’s inhibitions and lead them to engage in risky behaviors like drunk driving, unprotected sex, or carelessness that lead to alcohol-related injuries. One injury is an accident, but frequent problems or more serious issues like a DUI are signs that your loved one needs help. Get them into an alcohol detox center immediately before matters get worse. 

If your loved one is showing signs of being an alcoholic, you should try to get them help now instead of waiting. Along with devastating effects on your health, alcohol abuse can lead to several issues involving work, personal relationships, finances, and even the law.

Do not wait until rock bottom. If you or a loved one has a drinking or drug problem, act now.

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