About Banyan Chicago

Addiction is a disease and recovery is a long and trying journey. At Banyan Treatment Centers Chicago, we offer help for people struggling with various substance abuse problems from mild to severe. Our facility focuses on creating a supportive setting in which true and comprehensive healing can occur. We offer many different programs to treat patients in various stages of addiction and care that is second to none. Learn more about Banyan Treatment Centers Chicago and discover the Banyan difference today!

Our Banyan Chicago Facility

Our mission is to help those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction reach their goal of a happy, healthy, and productive life, free from the burdens created by addiction. To do so, we provide comprehensive services and care that will prepare our patients for a future outside of our facility. This care includes an array of treatment programs for every stage of addiction and recovery as well as a schedule of unique therapies run by licensed clinical and medical professionals.

Our substance abuse facility offers patients a safe and comfortable environment with a strong community of support built on it. This encouraging environment helps aid patients in every step of the recovery process. For many, our facility also acts as a haven outside of the normal triggers and stressors of everyday life that may be the source of their addiction or making their problems worse. Patients in our various outpatient programs in Chicago can find comfort in knowing that they have a place to go when they feel vulnerable and people to lean on when times get tough.

Choosing an Addiction Program

When it comes to finding a quality rehab facility in Chicago, it’s important to choose a program that has your specific needs in mind. At Banyan, we believe that addiction is as unique as you are, so cookie-cutter treatment plans are not sufficient for lasting sobriety. Instead, every patient undergoes a full clinical evaluation upon admission, so that our experienced staff members can formulate a unique treatment plan. Throughout their time at our addiction treatment facility, this plan will be altered as necessary to meet the patient’s changing needs.

Because substance use disorders fall on a spectrum, we offer several types of treatment for addiction in Chicago to meet a wide range of patients. These programs range in intensity and commitment. Some patients may require more time-intensive programs with stricter boundaries while others may benefit from programs with more freedom. Our staff will help patients determine which level of care is best for the patient’s needs as well as when they are ready to transition to a less intensive treatment level.

Regardless of the exact program, every patient will experience the highest standard of care. Our programs include a multitude of therapies that are meant to look at addiction from every angle and help patients heal in more ways than one during treatment. Because many people’s substance abuse problems are rooted in a coexisting mental health disorder, it is important to address both in rehab. Our dual diagnosis treatment program in Chicago is designed to do just that. This type of comprehensive healing reduces the risk of relapse and allows patients to lead happier lives once treatment is complete. Our Chicago rehab center will help you decide which program is best for you or your loved one.

About Banyan Chicago’s Dedicated Team

Our Banyan Chicago rehab staff is focused on providing top levels of care for individuals from all walks of life. Each member of our team is licensed and certified as well as an expert in their field. We employ masters-level clinicians who are equipped to handle all cases of alcohol and substance abuse disorders, from mild to severe. Our facilities are also operated by Medical Directors who are available 24/7.

The Banyan Difference

At Banyan Treatment Center Chicago, we believe that every one of our patients can find a brighter tomorrow. Our Joint Commission Accredited rehab works to give all patients the tools they need to not only get sober but to stay sober for years to come. We stand as the leader in providing growth through addiction recovery. Start life in recovery today with the help of our treatment professionals. To learn about Banyan Chicago, do not hesitate to reach out to us.