Biofeedback is a form of therapy that helps people understand their body’s natural functions and, more importantly, learn how to control them for their benefit. While heart rate, muscle tension, body temperature, sweat, and breathing are often believed to be mostly involuntary biological processes, with practice, people can learn how to better regulate these functions. Banyan’s Illinois drug rehab is proud to offer Chicago biofeedback therapy to those who need it most.

How Biofeedback Machines Work

With the assistance of various machines that are designed to monitor the body’s natural processes, patients in biofeedback therapy will start by trying to get a better understanding of each individual function. The machines will send visual or auditory cues that match the rhythm of these processes, making recognition of them easier. Over time and with the assistance of a trained biofeedback therapist, patients will move past recognition and begin learning how to control these responses.

When patients are able to self-regulate these processes, they can transform their body’s excitatory reaction to times of high stress and anxiety into a more relaxed state. Biofeedback therapy can be used to treat patients struggling with a variety of different ailments, including drug addiction or alcoholism.

What Is an Example of Biofeedback Therapy?

Biofeedback therapy is a clinically-proven technique that involves monitoring and providing real-time information about physiological processes to help individuals gain control over aspects of their health. In addiction treatment, biofeedback can be a valuable tool.

An example of biofeedback therapy is using sensors to monitor a person's heart rate, skin temperature, or muscle tension. By visualizing this data in real-time, individuals can learn to recognize and control their body's responses. For instance, a recovering individual might use biofeedback to identify stress triggers and then employ relaxation techniques to manage those triggers effectively.

In addiction treatment, biofeedback can contribute to stress management and emotional regulation, promoting a holistic approach to recovery. It's important to integrate such evidence-based practices into a comprehensive addiction treatment program for optimal outcomes.

Biofeedback for Addiction Recovery at Banyan Chicago

Along with a series of other addiction therapies, we offer biofeedback therapy in Chicago for patients at every level of treatment. Biofeedback therapy for addiction recovery can ultimately increase a person’s chances of finding lasting sobriety.

Addiction recovery is a high-stress time, especially when patients first begin to encounter drug triggers. The body’s natural response is to speed up processes like heart rate and breathing, but this excitatory response can interfere with higher-level thinking and lead the person in recovery to feel overwhelmed. Ultimately, this reaction can lead to relapse. Our Chicago biofeedback program teaches patients how to control these processes so that their bodies do not spiral out of control at the first sign of distress. Instead, patients can return to a calmer state where they are better able to assess the situation and move past it.

Another key factor on the list of biofeedback benefits is its ability to provide respite to those struggling without the use of medications. For someone suffering from an addiction, it makes sense that they may be hesitant to rely on a substance for recovery. This is because there are some people who view it as potentially replacing one addiction with another. This program allows these patients to receive transformative care while maintaining their sobriety.

Biofeedback therapy can also be an effective means of treatment for people struggling with chronic pain. For people getting treatment for opioid addiction, like that found at our Chicago drug rehab, chronic pain may have been what led them to addiction in the first place, as they began abusing painkillers to find relief. Now that they are in recovery, biofeedback is a safer way to manage that pain without putting their sobriety at risk.

Treatment for Lasting Success

As a Chicago addiction treatment center, we provide the highest-quality care and strive to help our patients heal from the damage that substance abuse leaves behind. We believe that only through this comprehensive healing are our patients able to build better lives, including lasting sobriety.

Our program for biofeedback therapy in Chicago is one of many different therapies and programs we use to help our patients achieve a lifetime of sobriety. Experts in their specific fields, our dedicated rehab staff lead a variety of daily programming and therapies that are meant to promote self-discovery and expose patients to a multitude of coping strategies that can be used in their normal lives after treatment is complete.

Because everyone is unique and some programs will be more effective than others for certain individuals, we offer a wide range of therapies allowing each patient to make progress. These programs take place individually as well as in groups with a small staff-to-patient ratio to ensure that every person gets the individualized attention needed to be successful.

At Banyan Treatment Centers Chicago, we do everything in our power to help our patients not only get sober but find lasting sobriety. Stop waiting for your new life to begin or watching a loved one struggle with addiction. Contact us today.

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