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How Do I Know if I Have a Drug Problem?

How Do I Know if I Have a Drug Problem?

Addiction is experienced differently by anyone who is abusing substances. Still, physical symptoms, sorts of paraphernalia, mood swings, and other factors can determine how to tell if someone is on drugs. If you are asking yourself, “how do I know if I have a drug problem,” chances are you are misusing a drug. Fortunately, successful addiction treatment is available at our Pompano treatment center, and there are numerous healthy ways to recover from addiction and avoid potential overdose.


How Do You Know if Someone Has an Addiction?

One profound detail to observe when wondering how to tell if someone has an addiction is their level of defensiveness. People who are in denial about their addiction or undergoing withdrawals due to limited access to substances will tend to cause frequent arguments or avoid social interactions. Other signs and symptoms of drug use include:


  • Weight loss
  • Erratic behavior
  • Sudden poor work ethic
  • Lack of personal grooming
  • Lack of interest in hobbies
  • Lack of desire to connect with others
  • Trouble sleeping or change in sleep patterns
  • Bongs, lighters, razor blades, or cigarette papers found in their room or car


You might ask, “How do I know if I have a drug problem?” Some physical signs to note can be observed when a person is continually itching, slurring their speech, or making impulsive movements. Cognitive decline is also a symptom. For instance, the impact of alcohol on mental health and other drugs can manipulate the development of the mind and cause mood swings.


How to Spot a Drug User

Depending on the substance a person is abusing can determine how to tell if someone is on drugs. Overall, if a person has dilated or constricted pupils, needle marks, constant anxiety or paranoia, and dramatic mood swings, then there is a good chance the person is misusing drugs. The overall appearance of a user may surprise a loved one or a stranger.

Behaviors to look out for include personality change, such as a person who once was known for being patient and calm is now showing signs of aggression or irritability. If you are catching a person in lie after lie or being sneaky, then they may be hiding drugs. Also, a general lack of motivation, confidence, or energy are other signs of addiction.


Addiction Treatment at Our Pompano Beach Drug Rehab

If you conclude you have signs of drug addiction or someone you love is behaving differently due to active drug use, then Banyan Treatment Centers Pompano is here to help you recover. From opioid, alcohol, and prescription pill addiction treatment, our medical staff will safely get you through the withdrawal process.


Please, don’t wait to return to living a productive life. Contact a specialist at our Pompano rehabilitation center at 888-280-4763 and ask about our intensive outpatient program to get started today!


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Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
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How Do I Know if I Have a Drug Problem?
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