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side effects of alcohol abuse

November 29, 2021

Why Does Alcohol Make You Bloated?

Have you ever noticed swelling in your face or stomach after drinking? You’re not alone. But why does alcohol make you bloated? Find out here.
November 24, 2021

Alcohol Kills Brain Cells: Fact or Myth?

Alcohol kills brain cells: fact or myth? Visit us here to read about drinking and why your nerve cells and overall cognition may be at risk.
November 24, 2021

Is Alcohol A Gateway Drug?

Is alcohol a gateway drug? You can learn more here about gateway drugs and why they increase a person’s likelihood of developing addiction.
November 22, 2021

Why Do I Black Out When I Drink?

Why do I blackout when I drink alcohol? If you’ve ever experienced gaps in your memory after a long night of drinking, you may understand this feeling.
October 6, 2021

Long-Term Effects of Alcohol on The Esophagus

Drinking can affect your throat in various ways. Visit us here to read about the long-term effects of alcohol on the esophagus.
October 6, 2021

Connection Between Alcohol and Heartburn

If you’ve ever felt chest pain while drinking, you’re not the only one. Learn more about the connection between alcohol and heartburn here.
September 29, 2021

How Long Does Alcohol Withdrawal Last?

If you’re wondering “How long does alcohol withdrawal last?” Banyan Treatment Centers Texas is sharing a timeline of symptoms and treatment options that can help.
September 29, 2021

Absinthe History 101

What alcoholic drink peaked in France during the Belle Èpoque? Don’t know? Visit Banyan Massachusetts here for Absinthe History 101: Tale of the Green Fairy.
September 24, 2021

Can Alcohol Cause Seizures?

Can alcohol cause seizures? How does this happen? Visit us here to learn how heavy drinking can affect your nervous system.

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