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National Alcohol Day: Say No to Drinking

What is Purple Drank? What Are Its Side Effects?

National Alcohol Day, also known as World No-Alcohol Day, was first established in 2008 during a meeting of the World Health Assembly (WHA), the division of the World Health Organization (WHO) that makes decisions.

India proposed a global alcohol-free day to take place on Gandhi's birthday. The suggestion was made specifically by Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss, India's Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare. He said the purpose of National No-Alcohol Day would be to draw attention to the health risks associated with alcohol abuse. Since then, the day has been unofficially adopted by other areas of the globe, including the United States. As a Boca rehab, we wanted to share more about this day and what it means for people who have been impacted by alcohol abuse.

What Is National Alcohol Day?

Is there a National Alcohol Day? Yes. Also known as World Anti-Alcohol Day and World No-Alcohol Day, National Alcohol Day is an annual event meant to bring awareness to the harmful effects of alcohol. This day is celebrated worldwide and was first proposed by Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss and the WHO. National Alcohol Day is held every year on October 2nd. In 2021, National Alcohol Day will fall on Saturday, October 2nd. The objective focus of this event has always been to bring awareness to the harmful effects of alcohol abuse, offer support to those who have been impacted by alcoholism, and clear up the misconceptions of addiction.

Additionally, not only does this day bring awareness to the dangers of alcohol abuse, but also the need for addiction treatment. Our alcohol rehab in Florida is dedicated to helping each of our patients find the physical and mental relief they desire from addiction. Specifically, we help our patients recover from alcoholism through a medical detox and inpatient treatment. Once they’ve completed our treatment program, they can apply the lessons they’ve learned at our facility on their own.

Physical and Behavioral Effects of Alcohol

Alcohol (ethanol) is a central nervous system depressant that works by inhibiting nerve activity in the brain and spinal cord, affecting every area of the body. When a person drinks alcohol, it’s absorbed into their bloodstream through the stomach and small intestine, then circulated through their system. Consuming large amounts of alcohol can create an intense feeling of sedation and relaxation and affect functions like movement, coordination, and judgment. Like other CNS depressants, alcohol is also addictive, and drinking large quantities frequently and for long periods can lead to serious consequences.

Some common long-term effects of alcohol abuse include:

  • Tolerance
  • Dependence
  • Addiction
  • Mental illness, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and antisocial personality disorder
  • Liver damage or failure
  • Kidney damage or failure
  • Premature aging and other skin diseases
  • Heart disease and cardiovascular issues like cardiomyopathy (stretching of the heart muscle), arrhythmias, stroke, and high blood pressure
  • Pancreatitis
  • Gastritis
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Diarrhea

Generally, the most common effect of chronic drink is alcoholism or alcohol addiction. This disease is defined as the persistent misuse of alcohol and the inability to control one’s drinking. An alcohol use disorder occurs when a person continues to drink despite the harm or distress it causes. While World Alcohol Day may sound like an event that encourages drinking, it’s quite the opposite. Events like National Alcohol Day are designed to shed light on the dark side of drinking and emphasize the need for addiction treatment.

Alcoholism affects millions of people every year. If you’re part of this statistic or know someone who is, get help now. Banyan Treatment Centers Boca offers inpatient addiction treatment as well as other drug therapy programs to ensure patients receive the care they need for physical and mental recovery from addiction. If you’re interested in our substance abuse treatment for yourself or a loved one, call us now at 888-280-4763.

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Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
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