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Intervention Services at Banyan Philadelphia

Watching your loved one spiral out of control because of an addiction to drugs or alcohol can be devastating to witness. Whether you see your youngest child refusing to get benzo addiction treatment or you are watching your spouse struggle with alcoholism, you are probably feeling hopeless, frustrated, and depressed. You have tried to get your loved one help, but they refuse to acknowledge that they have a problem. What are you supposed to do now?

What Is an Intervention?

If your loved one does not want to admit that they have a substance abuse problem, our intervention services in Philadelphia may be able to help. An intervention is a gathering of family members and loved ones that focuses on healing. While your main priority is to get your loved one into a rehab center in Philadelphia, that is not the only goal of interventions. A good intervention will also work on healing the family as a whole. All too often addiction can pull loved ones apart. Intervention programs work on educating the family members and creating open communication to start to rebuild these broken relationships.


About Banyan Philadelphia’s Drug Intervention Programs

Before you can get your loved one into our PHP treatment, you may need our intervention services. At Banyan Treatment Center Philadelphia, we understand just how important family is and how desperately you want your loved one to get better.

Our drug intervention programs do much more than just focus attention on the addict. Addiction is a family problem, and the only way for everyone to move forward is to work on healing these familial bonds along with getting the addict help. We will hold a pre-intervention with just the loved ones of the addict to create and go over an intervention plan that we believe will be the most effective. Because addiction can be difficult to understand if you have never been through it yourself, we also want to educate the addict’s loved ones about addiction and provide them with a better understanding of what the addict is going through. As a loved one of an addict, you may also be engaging in behavior that enables their substance abuse problem without even realizing it. Our intervention specialist will help you recognize this dangerous behavior and learn how you can avoid it.

We will often come to your home to perform the intervention and provide guidance to help everyone remain within the pre-set boundaries agreed upon. This technique is designed to prevent people from letting their emotions get out of control and to make the intervention as successful as possible. Finally, together we will determine the next best step and develop an ongoing recovery plan that can be modified as necessary throughout the recovery process.


There is hope for your loved one. If your loved one is in need of Philadelphia drug and alcohol treatment but refuses to get help, do not give up. Reach out to us today to see how we may be able to assist you in the process. Your loved one will thank you for it one day. Call now to learn more about our Intervention Services in Philadelphia: (888) 219-0442.

Most Insurance Plans Accepted

Addiction treatment doesn’t need to be out of reach. At our drug rehab in Delaware, our goal is to assist as many people as we can. We accept a variety of insurance plans to help people get the addiction treatment they need. If you do not have health insurance, there are other ways to pay for treatment. Call us today to see if your insurance will cover your treatment program and to talk about alternatives if necessary.

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