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Intervention Services

Intervention Services in Chicago

You have sat by and watched your loved one slowly fall into a substance abuse problem. What started out as just a seemingly bad habit has developed into a full-blown addiction that needs immediate professional attention. Your loved one no longer acts or looks the same as they did before they became addicted. They are depressed and socially withdrawn, but you are the one feeling the most lost. You may have mentioned a few times they should get dual diagnosis treatment to help with their depression and drinking, but they ignored your suggestions. While you may be feeling hopeless, there is something you can do. The time to act is now. You can hold an intervention.

What is an Intervention?

Contrary to popular belief, an intervention is not solely about getting the addict into rehab. A good intervention should focus on healing the family and loved ones as a whole. Unfortunately, when many people plan an intervention for a loved one, this is often not the result. Instead, emotions can get in the way and the environment can quickly become hostile. Feelings become hurt, the addict feels attacked, and nothing productive is accomplished. The best way to ensure that an intervention goes smoothly is to look for professional intervention help.


What are Intervention Services?

Formal intervention services involve the help of a professional interventionist. With a professional interventionist, the family and the addict can start the healing process together. The family will be able to speak freely about how their loved one’s addiction has affected them in the comfort of their own home. A professional interventionist will work to keep the intervention from becoming hostile while also promoting education, support, and the creation of a recovery plan.

Our Chicago Intervention Services

While your biggest concern may be to get your loved one into our partial hospitalization program in Chicago immediately, our addiction intervention services are designed to not only help you help your loved one who is struggling with substance abuse. It is also designed to let your voice and concerns be heard.

Our intervention services in Chicago include:

  • An intervention held in the comfort of your own home
  • A pre-intervention meeting without the addict to go over the intervention strategy and boundaries
  • Addiction education for family and loved ones
  • The opportunity for the family and friends to speak up about how the addiction has affected them
  • Discussion on the best way to move forward for the family as a whole
  • The creation of a recovery plan for the addict

At Banyan Chicago, we know that addiction is a family disease, so it is not just your addicted loved one who needs to heal from a substance abuse problem. Intervention services will give you your best chance of not only getting your addicted loved one the professional help they need to become sober, but also helping your family move forward as a whole. Reach out to our Chicago drug rehab today to learn about our treatment programs and to get your loved one started on their journey to sobriety. Call now: (888) 245-0974.

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