June 6, 2023

National PTSD Awareness Day

June 27th is National PTSD Awareness Day, giving us the opportunity to learn more about this condition and support those in need. Learn more with Banyan.
June 2, 2023

Global Wellness Day

This Global Wellness Day, take the time to learn about the importance of self-care and how it relates to mental health. Visit Banyan Boca to learn more.
May 23, 2023

Why Is My Anxiety Getting Worse?

A person may notice their anxiety getting worse for a number of reasons. Banyan Treatment Centers Boca Raton is taking a look at why this could happen.
May 19, 2023

Is Oversharing a Sign of Mental Illness?

Is oversharing a sign of mental illness? Banyan Pompano answers this question and why it may not be a good idea to always disclose personal information.
April 28, 2023

World Schizophrenia Day (May 24)

World Schizophrenia Day is May 24 and is dedicated to spreading awareness about this often misunderstood diagnosis. Learn more with Banyan Boca mental health.
April 18, 2023

Grounding Techniques for Trauma

Grounding techniques for trauma can help sufferers learn how to cope with their symptoms. Visit Banyan Boca here for a list of common types you can use.
April 18, 2023

Is Talking to Yourself a Sign of Mental Illness?

Is talking to yourself a sign of mental illness? How can you find out? Visit Banyan Treatment Centers Pompano here to learn more about self-talk and psychosis.
April 5, 2023

EMT Mental Health

Banyan Treatment Center Boca Raton is breaking down the importance of EMT mental health, and how to best support these courageous individuals. Learn more here.
April 5, 2023

Promethazine Addiction

Visit Banyan Treatment Center Boca Raton to learn everything you should know about promethazine addiction, its dangers, and how to properly address it.