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Benzo Addiction

June 7, 2021
effects of depressants on the body

Effects of Depressants on the Body

The effects of depressants on the body can cause adverse short and long-term problems. Learn more about common CNS depressants here.
June 7, 2021
causes of substance abuse in college students

Causes of Substance Abuse in College Students

Drug and alcohol abuse are common on college campuses. Here are the causes of substance abuse in college students and the long-term effects.
June 4, 2021
causes of addiction

Causes of Addiction

Substance abuse can stem from different things. We’re sharing some common causes of addiction and some ways we can help.
May 27, 2021
famous sober athletes

Athletes Who Had Addictions

Many people forget that athletes have struggles off the field. We’re sharing six famous athletes who had addictions and their stories.
May 14, 2021

Environmental Factors of Addiction

The causes of substance use disorders aren’t clear, but there are promoting factors. Learn here about the environmental factors of addiction.
April 7, 2021

Methadone & Xanax: A Deadly Combination

Polydrug use is common among prescription drug abusers. Banyan Pompano is sharing more about mixing methadone and Xanax and why it’s a deadly combination.
March 5, 2020
benzo fury

Everything You Need to Know About Benzo Fury

Benzo fury is a newer synthetic drug that has been rising in popularity around the United Kingdom and the United States. Although it may be legal in some cases, this drug is far from harmless.
June 20, 2019

Are You Addicted to Sleeping Pills?

Taking a sleeping pill on occasion is fine, but how do you know if you have crossed a line? Our Chicago treatment center explains how to know when you have a sleeping pill addiction.
August 27, 2018
benzo detox

What to Expect During Benzo Detox

A benzo addiction must be treated with medical care and the treatment experts from Banyan Treatment Center explain what you can expect during benzo detox. Learn more here.

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