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What to Expect During Benzo Detox

benzo detox

Benzos are a category of psychoactive prescription drugs that have the ability to become very addictive if misused.

These drugs are prescribed for high levels of anxiety disorders, panic attacks, and seizure prevention to name a few. As with any other addictive substance, when you abuse benzos at higher doses, you start to build up a tolerance and can quickly become addicted to these drugs. If you are struggling with benzo addiction, there is hope for effectively recovering, but you first must admit that you have a problem. Seeking addiction treatment for benzos often starts with benzo detox and this can be very scary and intimidating for addicted individuals when the fear of the unknown gets in the way. Below is everything you need to know about benzo detox and what you can expect during this process.

Benzo Withdrawal Symptoms

It’s extremely important to undergo a benzo detox at a medical facility because detoxing at home can come with numerous health complications. Detox involves the process of getting rid of all the toxins in your body, however this can come with severe withdrawal symptoms that should be medically monitored. While undergoing addiction treatment for benzos, you can expect to feel symptoms of withdrawal for 24 hours or several days after your last use. While the symptoms such as sweating, nausea, panic attacks, and dizziness can be extremely uncomfortable, experiencing them in a safe and monitored environment will be the best option for your recovery journey.

Customized Addiction Treatment

When benzos are mixed with other drugs or alcohol, there can be serious complications which can cause stronger withdrawal symptoms during detox. You can expect to slowly lower the dosage of benzos which is also called tapering during this process and eventually, your body will be able to adjust to the changes. Once you have successfully completed benzo detox, you are now ready to transition into a customized treatment program where you will continue your recovery efforts.


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