Levels of Care at Banyan Pompano


Partial Hospitalization

For patients who do not need inpatient programming but are still looking for support and help in their recovery journey, our PHP treatment centers may be the answer. During this substance abuse program, patients will participate in various therapies and programming daily and are encouraged to partake in outside addiction recovery programs in their spare time. At night, patients will reside in a sober living facility where they will have both community support as well as supervision to help them stay on track in their recovery.

Intensive Outpatient

When patients are ready to start living on their own and transitioning back into a daily routine outside of rehab, intensive outpatient centers are there for added support. Patients will still participate in therapy programs regularly, but at times that fit their schedule. This level of addiction care is also good for people who want to continue working or going to school during treatment.


An outpatient program requires patients to participate in a few hours a week of therapy and programming. This setup offers patients the ability to confront real-world problems while also leaning on their community support groups and recovery programs for support.


Relapse can happen to anyone. It can either be a bump in the road to long-term sobriety or a downfall back into addiction. To help patients get back on track in their sobriety, stabilization programs are relapse programs that get the patients back into regular programming as well as a controlled environment until they have their sobriety back under control.


If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, Banyan Treatment Center is here to guide you on the path to recovery. Our unique levels of care and specific detox programs are designed to provide all our clients with the best and most customized treatment plans for recovery.