Partial Hospitalization Programs at Banyan Pompano

Addiction recovery is a long journey that requires several different steps. As people transition through these stages of recovery, their needs and goals change. Their treatment plans must change with them as they are placed in the appropriate program at the right time.

What Happens in a Partial Hospitalization Program?

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is a rehab program that is designed to provide structure and support to patients in the earlier stages of recovery. Patients participate in several hours a day of programming and therapies to work on their substance abuse problems on-site. When they are not actively participating in these programs, patients stay at a sober living facility so that they have 24-hour staff supervision as well as peer support. A partial hospitalization program is well suited for patients who are transitioning from inpatient programming or maybe looking for more freedom than residential programming allows.

Our Pompano PHP

Our PHP rehab in South Florida may be what you or your loved needs to find success in recovery. While partial hospitalization care can be an effective form of treatment for many, it is important that people are in the program at the right time in their recovery journey.

At Banyan Pompano, we take the time to do a thorough evaluation of all incoming patients. This clinical assessment allows our experienced admission professionals to determine the level of care at our facility that will best suit the patients at their current stage of addiction and recovery. Each patient will also have an individualized treatment plan that is unique to their needs and recovery goals.

Our partial hospitalization program in Pompano is designed in a way to mimic a real-life setting while also providing full-time treatment and 24-hour support. Because we believe that the key to the success during recovery is consistent care, therapy, and group sessions are held daily. Patients will also meet with their therapist individually every week. This schedule includes a variety of programs beyond traditional talk therapy to allow patients to heal entirely from addiction. Patients may partake in chiropractic services, acupuncture, yoga, or SMART recovery curricula. These programs are all led by professionals who are certified in their particular field. Outside of treatment at our facility, patients are encouraged to attend outside recovery meetings to continue their recovery.

At our PHP drug rehab, we believe that recovery from substance abuse should not end at 5 p.m. or take a break on the weekend. Instead of patients returning home where addictive triggers are abundant and cravings run high, they will retire to an approved sober living facility in the area. Staff is on-site to supervisor patients and strict rules are in place to keep them on track in their recovery journey. These facilities also give patients the added benefit of living with others who are also going through recovery and facing similar struggles.

Together, the daily programming and safe living environment provided by our Pompano PHP aids patients in recovery and the difficult transition from inpatient to outpatient care. Through this structure and community of support, patients can build a solid foundation in our partial hospitalization program that can carry over to a lifetime of sobriety.

If you or someone you love is looking to begin the recovery journey, our Pompano substance abuse treatment center is here to help.

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Most Insurance Plans Accepted

At Banyan Pompano Detox, our goal is to make sure that anyone who needs treatment from drug and alcohol addiction is able to get the help needed to assist them on the road to recovery. If you don't have insurance contact us to inquire about alternate methods regarding treatment for yourself or a loved one.

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