Blogs about Addiction Recovery in Pompano Beach | Banyan Rehabs
January 27, 2023

What Triggers Anxiety Attacks?

Understanding what triggers anxiety attacks and symptoms can prepare you for properly coping with your disorder. Banyan Pompano shares what to look out for.
January 4, 2023

Obsessive Love Disorder: Is It Real?

Obsessive love disorder is linked to other mental health symptoms, but is it a real condition? Visit Banyan Pompano here to read more and learn how we can help.
December 14, 2022

Types of Mental Health Professionals & Who Can Help You

Finding the right person to help you recover from depression or anxiety is vital. Banyan Pompano is sharing the types of mental health professionals out there.
November 29, 2022

Common Myths About Stress

Learning the myths about stress can help you find effective coping methods. Visit Banyan Pompano to read about the misconceptions and effects on mental health.
November 21, 2022

What to Expect During a Full Mental Health Assessment

If you suspect that you’re battling a psychiatric disorder, get help today. Banyan Pompano shares what to expect during a full mental health assessment.
October 27, 2022

Self-Care Tips for College Students

As a rehab that offers mental health care in Florida, Banyan Pompano is sharing self-care tips for college students that need extra support. Read the list here.
October 14, 2022

How to Beat the Winter Blues

Knowing how to beat the winter blues can set you up for an enjoyable season. Visit Banyan Pompano here for tips that can help you cope with seasonal depression.
September 29, 2022

Why You Should Consider Going Back to Rehab

It’s okay to admit that you need help in recovery. If you’re on the fence about going back to rehab, Banyan Pompano shares why you should consider it.
September 29, 2022

Changaa: The Deadly Kenyan Drink

Changaa is a deadly alcoholic drink that’s common in Kenya slums. Visit Banyan Pompano here to learn more about the side effects and why people drink it.
September 22, 2022

Opioid Addiction in the Elderly

Opioid Addiction in the Elderly is a growing concern in America. Visit Banyan Pompano to learn about the signs and side effects of prescription abuse.