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At Banyan Treatment Centers Pompano, we understand that many people haven’t received the addiction treatment they need because of the coronavirus pandemic. The quarantine and social distancing restrictions placed during COVID-19 prevented many people from physically attending their rehab programs. These restrictions also made it difficult for those recovering from addiction or mental illness to stay on track, as the isolation contributed to relapse in many. Fortunately, efforts are being made to ensure that people who struggle with addiction or mental disorders receive the assistance and guidance they need during recovery. Our substance abuse treatment center in Pompano is proud to introduce our Telehealth Program for addiction and mental health that helps patients maintain their recovery.

What is Telemedicine Treatment?

Telehealth, or telemedicine, uses technology such as phones or the internet to support and offer healthcare services when physical or in-person treatment options aren’t available. Due to COVID-19, many institutions implemented telemedicine efforts to reach individuals in mental health and addiction recovery who could not leave their homes during the quarantine. Our Pompano rehab center is one of the few that are integrating online treatment programs that assist patients working on their sobriety and mental health. As a treatment facility with long-term experience in treating substance use disorders and mental illness, we understand that individuals in recovery may be more exposed to daily triggers at home. Our Telehealth IOP greatly reduces the risk of relapse and eliminates the need for traveling.


Benefits of Telemedicine for Treating Addiction

Offering telemedicine accessibility for people in mental illness and addiction recovery removes the need for their physical presence at the facility. This program is a great way to keep recovering addicts and individuals with mental illnesses focused on their sobriety and prevents them from neglecting important recovery resources.


Some benefits of telehealth access to care for people in recovery from addiction and mental illness include:

  • Greater discretion for patients: Considering the many social stigmas and misconceptions surrounding addiction and mental illness, telemedicine provides precisely what our recovering patients need to feel comfortable coming to us with any of their concerns. Because telehealth offers privacy, this encourages individuals in recovery to seek out help the moment they need it.
  • Instant access to assistance: Another benefit of telehealth for addiction and mental disorders is the nearly immediate access patients have to our services. Outpatient telemedicine eliminates the delay between seeking help and going to an actual appointment. Often, the idea of deciding to get help is what stops recovering patients in their tracks. Our telehealth services at Banyan Pompano prevent this reluctance by providing quick access to our services.
  • Access to patients who can’t commute: Part of the hesitation in patients receiving assistance in their recovery is commuting to a facility. Many patients prefer not to partake in physical sessions or are unable to leave their homes. We have patients who originally received mental health or addiction treatment in our partial hospitalization program (PHP) because they had careers and families they had to care for. Our virtual intensive outpatient program is perfect for patients in recovery who are busy with life’s many responsibilities but still need help.


Our Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Banyan Pompano’s Telehealth Program allows patients to continue their recovery treatments for addiction and mental health from the comfort of their homes. Our virtual IOP is offered to patients who are in our mental health program or one of our addiction treatments and is a great way to reduce the impact of daily triggers and keep patients on the right path. We offer personalized care during the day while allowing patients the comfort of staying at home with their families. Our telehealth rehabilitation for addiction and mental health includes three hours of intensive treatment per day for three days a week. Patients and their therapists will also schedule one hour of virtual individual therapy per week to keep track of their progress.

All of our telemedicine outpatient online appointments will be conducted through Zoom, an app that is entirely free for patients and is available to download on various devices. Patients just need internet access and to download Zoom to a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer that has sounds and a camera. Patients need to take these sessions seriously and do their best to prevent possible distractions. For example, patients should always go to another room or space where they can be on their Zoom calls alone. Family members and friends should not be able to view, listen to, or engage in these online sessions. It’s also important for clients to treat these online meetings as they would in-person meetings. These are additional mental illness and addiction treatment resources that can greatly benefit patients in recovery.


Contact us today to learn more about our levels of care and telehealth services in Pompano Beach, Florida.


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