“Addiction is a family disease” is a common phrase, well known in addiction treatment and recovery.

When an individual becomes addicted, every single person in an addict’s immediate family is affected by their substance abuse. The severity of addiction and substance of choice will contribute to the impact that addiction has on the family unit. “Addiction is a family disease” is a common phrase, and is well known in addiction treatment and recovery spaces.

There are a number of issues that arise from dealing with a loved one who struggles with the disease of addiction. An eye-opening and sad statistic in today’s generation is the number of children being raised by grandparents. This number has drastically increased over the past two decades, according to the U. S. Census. The two main causes of this are addiction and mental illness.

Other common issues that arise within a family unit brought forth from a substance use disorder can include but are not limited to:

    • Divorce
    • Domestic Violence
    • Child Neglect or Abuse
    • Financial Difficulties
    • Legal Issues
    • Illness
    • Personal Conflict

That is why we provide a comprehensive Family Program here at Banyan. The entire family must come together to heal as a unit, and there are many benefits of engaging in a family program for addiction. Do you have questions concerning support, enabling, boundaries, ultimatums, or other family-related matters? Our Family Services Specialists are here to help you. We will guide you through each step in the recovery process.


Our Family Program offers:

For more information on our Family Program and Services, you may contact Richard Mayora, LCSW, Banyan's Supervisor of Outpatient and Family Services at [email protected]

Banyan's 3-Tier Family Program and Services

At Banyan Treatment Center, we have a three-tier approach to involving our client’s families in the treatment process. It is our goal to see that this difficult undertaking for you and your loved one will go smoothly and be as productive as possible. We understand how stressful it can be when loved ones are apart, and we believe proper communication is the key element in this process. We are committed to keeping you informed, and we need your commitment to help us by doing your part. So get informed, join in and participate in our family program!

After Treatment

Banyan’s patient support continues well after discharge from our programs. Our Family Services Specialists continue to reach out to families for the first year after discharge. We want to ensure that everyone is staying on track, and that long-term recovery goals are being executed.

What to expect:

  • Family Follow Ups that focus on how you are doing, aka the family perspective.
  • Family Follow Ups will continue for 1 year from the date of admission via call, text, or email.

Our Family Services Specialists can provide assistance in the following areas of concern:

  • Having motivation/follow through issues
  • Lack of Change
  • Relapse
  • Prevalence of old behaviors
  • Resources
  • Recovery Planning
  • Relapse Planning
  • Intervention Inquiry

If your loved one is struggling with substance abuse or mental health issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to our compassionate team of treatment experts. We are here to help change your life for the better and you are not alone in this battle against addiction. Your family will be able to come together and support your loved one throughout this journey. Our numerous treatment programs are customized to meet the needs of our patients and we can help anyone to recover.

For more information on our Family Program and Services, please call us today at 855-722-6926 or email banyancenters.com

Most Insurance Plans Accepted

At Banyan Pompano Detox, our goal is to make sure that anyone who needs treatment from drug and alcohol addiction is able to get the help needed to assist them on the road to recovery. If you don't have insurance contact us to inquire about alternate methods regarding treatment for yourself or a loved one.

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