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September 30, 2019

Alcoholism Brain Changes in Men 

Banyan Massachusetts explores alcohol-related brain damage in men and how it leads to challenges in emotional processing, memory, and more. Read on here
August 25, 2021

Navy Core Values: Honor, Courage, & Commitment

The Navy core values of honor, courage, and commitment, can also be applied to those who seek addiction treatment with Banyan Veterans in Recovery. Learn more.
May 1, 2020

Meth-Induced Psychosis: How to Recognize It & What to Do About It

Methamphetamine can come with many serious side effects, including meth-induced psychosis. Learn more about this serious problem with Banyan Palm Springs
January 17, 2019

5 Things You Should Know About Treatment for Dual Diagnosis

Banyan Treatment Center explains the 5 things you should know about dual diagnosis treatment. A co-occurring disorder should be treated through specialized and customized care. Learn more here.
January 27, 2023

What Triggers Anxiety Attacks?

Understanding what triggers anxiety attacks and symptoms can prepare you for properly coping with your disorder. Banyan Pompano shares what to look out for.
June 3, 2020

Benefits of Meditation for Addiction Recovery

Along with helping the average person relax, there are several benefits of meditation for addiction recovery. Visit Banyan Palm Springs here to learn more.
April 23, 2020

Why Do Addicts Crave Sugar?

Why do drug addicts crave sugar? Are drugs or sugar more addictive? Visit Banyan Philadelphia here to read about the reason so many binge on sweets in recovery.
May 9, 2018

The Benefits of DBT for Drug Addiction

Banyan Treatment Center Stuart takes a closer look at the benefits of DBT for drug addiction, and how patients can use it to make the most of their recovery.
October 13, 2018

Ideas for Care Packages for a Loved One in Detox

For someone that is receiving treatment at the Banyan Stuart, FL, rehab, care packages are a good way to let them know you’re thinking of them. Learn more here.