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Boston Man Receives Four-Year Prison Sentence for Fentanyl Trafficking

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Trafficking fentanyl is a serious crime involving the distribution of an extremely strong synthetic opioid. Authorities and courts take a strict stance against anyone involved in the illegal trafficking of this lethal chemical as communities struggle with the catastrophic effects of the opioid crisis. This is illustrated in a recent announcement by the Drug Enforcement Administration, which reported on the sentencing of a Boston man and his crimes. The amount of fentanyl involved, the presence of aggravating circumstances, and whether the case is prosecuted at the federal or state level are all important considerations for determining the severity of punishments for fentanyl trafficking. Banyan Treatment Centers Massachusetts looks into the nuances of fentanyl trafficking penalties, illuminating the current state of the law regarding this pressing problem.

Who Trafficked Fentanyl?

Boston resident Luis Sonier Bautista Moreta, 27, was convicted of distributing significant amounts of fentanyl, including thousands of fake pills, and was given a four-year prison term and three years of supervised release. In May 2023, Bautista entered a guilty plea to two charges of fentanyl distribution and possession with the purpose to distribute, as well as one count of fentanyl possession with the intent to distribute. The two sales that Bautista's relative organized and conducted with the help of an undercover policeman gave rise to the case. In a vehicle provided by a cooperating source, Bautista personally carried out the transactions on October 22, 2021, in Attleboro and once more on November 1, 2021, in Dorchester.

One kilogram of fentanyl and 6,000 fake pills laced with the drug were sold in the first transaction, and another kilogram of fentanyl was sold in the second. On November 5, 2021, Bautista's relative had planned for the sale of an additional 1,000 tablets, but Bautista left before closing the deal. Following that, on November 10, 2021, a search of Bautista's residence led to the seizure of 1,000 pills containing fentanyl.

What Is the Sentence for Fentanyl Trafficking?

Trafficking fentanyl in the US is considered a severe crime with substantial legal repercussions, as is the illegal distribution of other narcotic opioids. The amount of fentanyl involved, the defendant's criminal background, and any possible harm from the distribution are some of the variables that determine how severe the consequences will be.

Some key points to consider regarding the sentencing of fentanyl traffickers include:

  • Quantity of fentanyl: A significant component in deciding the harshness of the sentence is the amount of fentanyl used in the trafficking case. Penalties are often more severe for larger amounts, with sentences increasing significantly for big amounts of the drug.
  • Federal charges vs. state charges: Federal and state governments can both bring charges in fentanyl trafficking cases. Due to the required minimum sentences set forth by federal law, punishments for federal offenses sometimes result in longer terms of imprisonment. However, depending on the jurisdiction, the particular sentencing standards might vary greatly. State crimes may also result in lengthy jail terms.
  • Enhancements and aggravating factors: If aggravating elements are present in particular circumstances, additional fines may be imposed. This may involve elements like drug trafficking close to a school, membership in a criminal gang, or prior drug-related crimes.

It's important to remember that laws and sentencing standards might change. For the most recent information on fentanyl trafficking punishments in your jurisdiction, it's always essential to speak with a legal professional or check with up-to-date legal resources.

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Boston Man Receives Four-Year Prison Sentence for Fentanyl Trafficking
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