Banyan Treatment Consultation Centers

Banyan Treatment Centers provides nationwide drug and alcohol treatment, as well as mental health services for anyone in need with numerous facilities throughout the country. We strive to provide the best treatment possible for our patients. Our mission is truly your recovery, and we work with each patient every step of the way to ensure a successful long-term recovery journey. Our Banyan team has nationwide treatment consultation centers where we connect each patient to the proper treatment facility. Our numerous levels of care can help so many struggling individuals overcome this disease.


Long Term Recovery Starts Now

The goal of our customized addiction treatment service is to empower each person to live a happy life of long-term recovery. With our multi-faceted approach and our variation of treatment tracks, each person that comes through our treatment centers will be able to implement what they have learned in recovery in their daily life. Thus, they can live out each day even after leaving Banyan. It’s important to find the right fit for you when it comes to addiction treatment, and everyone has their own treatment program that is catered towards their needs.

Customized Addiction Treatment Services

Our Banyan Treatment consultation centers guide each struggling individual to a treatment facility to immediately begin their recovery journey and overcome the vicious disease that is addiction. If you or your loved one is suffering and you simply do not know what to do, contact any one of our consultation centers for immediate help and guidance. We will match you with the proper Banyan treatment facility for your recovery journey.

Banyan Treatment Consultation Centers

  • Helen R.

    "Banyan Treatment Center was a life-changing experience for me. When I got here, I was planning on continuing to use, but with the help of staff and the community I was convinced to stay through the whole program, and I can honestly say it was the best decision I've ever made."

    Helen R.
  • Justin M.

    "My experience was nothing short of amazing. The staff is excellent, they all went way out of their way to help me with whatever I needed. They gave me the tools i needed to succeed, and were always there for me when I completed the program and when I fell short. Thank you so much Banyan!"

    Justin M.
  • Angie M.

    "Banyan was able to help me more than words can describe. They helped me save my life. I called in not really knowing what to expect or anything about treatment and the people I spoke with were able to walk me through every step of the way."

    Angie M.