Banyan Treatment Consultation Centers Offer First Steps of Chicago Rehab for Addiction

Addiction and alcoholism are nationwide problems, but they are especially challenging in Chicago and nearby suburbs. For people who are dealing with addiction, getting sober can seem like a difficult journey. But at Banyan Treatment Centers, we’re here to help with local Chicago consultation services for those ready to get sober.

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Our Chicago consultation center helps clients find outpatient treatment and admissions assistance that's right for them. They're connected with therapists and master’s level clinicians who provide various forms of individualized therapy at our outpatient center and our admissions counselors assist new patients.

Help Finding Treatment in Chicago from Banyan

Our Chicago addiction consultation center is designed to help people find personalized services with our qualified rehab professionals. This includes consultation services for free insurance verification and the initial intake steps of your treatment. Many patients also visit our Chicago outpatient drug treatment center for one-on-one therapy and counseling sessions.

We have designed our Banyan outpatient centers to meet the needs of each patient who calls us for Chicago rehab support. Our therapeutic and addiction professionals can help those struggling with:

  • Cocaine Addiction
  • Alcoholism
  • Heroin Addiction
  • Painkiller Addiction
  • Benzo Addiction
  • Opiate Addiction
  • Meth Addiction
  • & Others

Whether you’re looking for drug treatment in Chicago or Chicago counseling services, our local consultation center can help you find the right services. We also work with and can connect you to therapists who specialize in treating co-occurring disorders for patients who need assistance treating both mental health and concurrent substance use disorder like addiction or alcoholism.

About Banyan Treatment Centers Chicago Consultation

Patients in the outpatient stage of treatment have completed detox and residential rehab but need extra support in early sobriety. Our consultation center works to help clients find a full continuum of care, but those who have not completed rehab at our drug and alcohol treatment centers can also benefit from our Chicago drug treatment services.

The outpatient stage of recovery is just as crucial as any other, as it helps patients transition from the more intensive inpatient stages of treatment to everyday life post-rehab. Getting back on your feet after finishing inpatient or intensive outpatient treatment presents unique challenges, and outpatient programs in Chicago help patients overcome any struggles they face in early recovery.

Our addiction consultation center in Chicago helps patients find the support they need to easily transition into sober life outside of the treatment setting through individualized therapy sessions. Patients can work with our team to find their therapist, sponsor, or rehab professional at our consultation center to discuss any challenges, victories, or situations they’re facing now that they’ve finished the rehab program. Outpatient treatment is a vital component of relapse prevention and a big step on the path of recovery.

Choosing a Rehab in Chicago

Whether you’re looking for outpatient treatment or you’re in search of an inpatient drug rehab in Chicago, our team at Banyan Treatment Centers is here to help. Our Chicago addiction consultation center can help patients who are on different steps of the recovery journey find the care they need. Our facilities offer insurance verification and admissions assistance at our as well as one on one support for those needing outpatient rehab in Chicago. Contact us today to learn more!