Active-Duty and Veteran Alumni Services

Many military personnel and veterans that return from deployment find themselves struggling with mental health and substance abuse. For our service members and veterans returning from combat, this new war on terror has created an increase in trauma and an emotional toll like never before. At Banyan Treatment Centers, we offer active-duty and veteran alumni services and mental health programs for those struggling with these disorders.

Continued Sobriety with Alumni Services

For military members from all branches struggling with addiction, our drug rehabilitation center prides itself on ensuring that our Banyan rehab alumni have the support they need after rehabilitation. Military personnel in recovery are sensitive to the fact that addiction is on a continuum, and the journey to recovery does not end once ex-military have completed treatment. Our professional and supportive team is committed to successfully helping our active-duty and veteran alumni reintegrate themselves back into their everyday lives providing continued guidance during this transition after military and veterans drug rehab.

The road to recovery is not a lonely one with our Banyan Treatment Centers alumni services for mental health and substance abuse. Upon discharge, our staff will maintain continuous telephone contact to help monitor the recovery process for military personnel and veterans. During phone calls, our team will assist in ensuring our alumni stay on the road to recovery and is ready to assist with the structure and support our military and veterans need to foster continuous sobriety.


Alumni Support for Veterans in Recovery

If you or a loved one is struggling with mental health or substance abuse after returning home from combat, be sure to find the support you need for recovery. Our team is here to help our military and veterans take control and get their lives back on track after service.

Our drug and alcohol treatment centers have helped numerous veterans empower themselves as they join the road to recovery in our veteran alumni services program after treatment. Contact us today for more information on how you can combat addiction and get the help needed after your service in the United States military.