How to Pay for Rehab

How to Pay for Rehab

Fears about paying for drug rehab shouldn’t keep a person from getting the help they need to turn their life around.

At Banyan Treatment Centers, we know there are many programs and opportunities that make paying for rehab much easier for patients. Certain individuals may qualify for community-based rehabilitative funding, and others may be eligible for a drug rehab scholarship. Continue reading for tips on paying for drug rehab.

Does Insurance Pay for Drug Rehab?

  Yes, in most cases, insurance will pay for drug rehab. In general, rehab is covered by most insurance policies. Stipulations that may prevent insurance covering your rehab include network limitations, coverage duration limitations, and preexisting conditions. We encourage you to contact our team at Banyan Treatment Centers for insurance verification.

How to Pay for Drug Treatment

  For some people, they may need help paying for rehab if their insurance doesn’t cover rehab or they have a remaining balance. The cost of rehab can be offset by several programs. First, there are scholarships available to help patients pay for rehab, such as our scholarship that is funded by our Banyan Cares program.

In addition to scholarships, many patients get help from friends and family to assist in paying for rehab. This rehab payment approach can include fundraising with the help of friends and family or taking a loan from a loved one to pay for treatment.

Some communities and groups support people when it comes to paying for rehab care. For example, Native American reservations will often pay for the drug and alcohol treatment their residents need to get and stay sober. If you are a member of any social, ethnic, or religious community, we suggest checking to see if there are any resources available.

Taking Time Off for Addiction and Alcoholism Treatment

  Now that you know how to pay for drug treatment, it’s important to find out how to take time for treatment. Most states have requirements for employers to provide workers with leave of absence time for medical needs and getting addiction treatment falls within this required time-off territory. If your employer is refusing to permit your leave of absence for addiction treatment, you may be able to contest their denial of this request.

Many students take a semester off from school to get treatment, or they start the treatment process during a break period. Knowing how to pay for alcoholism treatment and how to get time off for treatment are some of our most common drug rehab FAQs.

If you have more questions about paying for rehab or anything else regarding treatment, call our team at 888-280-4763 today.

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