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Finding Love After Addiction

Finding Love After Addiction

Addiction and alcoholism are all-encompassing problems that can change a lot about a person.

When you’re trapped in addiction, you’re unable to rationalize the right decisions for your health and happiness, let alone care for another person. The Steps encourage newly sober individuals to wait at least one year before dating after completing rehab at a drug and alcohol treatment center. This allows newly sober people to find their interests, reintegrate into daily life, and develop healthy coping mechanisms after rehab. If you’re ready to begin dating after rehab, be sure to approach the adventure with the right perspective and expectations.

When to Date After Rehab

Many people look forward to finding love after addiction and being able to form genuine relationships now that addiction isn’t in the way. But under no circumstances should you date while you’re staying at a treatment facility, halfway house, intensive inpatient care center, or residential mental health program. Dating too soon can result in disaster for your relationship and even your recovery.

After fully finding sobriety and completing a treatment program, you should wait a year before you begin dating. This allows you the time you need to develop healthy coping mechanisms, establish employment, and solidify lasting sobriety skills.

Dating in Recovery

Dating is difficult, and dating after rehab can be even more challenging. Your time at a drug and alcohol treatment center has given you the ability to self-reflect and focus on your growth. If you’re feeling that it’s time to start dating, it’s important to take the lessons you’ve learned in treatment to heart. Here are tips for dating after rehab:

  • Be honest about your past
  • Manage your expectations
  • Do not compromise your sobriety
  • Avoid unhealthy levels of codependence
  • Maintain your independence
  • Don’t depend on your relationship for your own security

Dating after rehab can be a beautiful thing as long as you approach it properly. Understanding the right timing on when to date after rehab is crucial, and you need to ensure that you’re at a healthy place before you begin dating.

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