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The Most Common Drugs Abused by Blue-Collar Workers


What are the Most Common Drugs Abused by Blue-Collar Workers?

As addiction in the workplace is becoming more and more common, it’s important to become aware of the types of addiction present and how to help employees overcome this vicious disease. For the blue-collar industry, there are unfortunately high rates of substance abuse. Construction and mining workers can be especially susceptible to certain addictions. Blue-collar workers have high rates of heavy alcohol use and this can lead to detrimental effects for this individual and the workers surrounding them. Our treatment experts from Banyan Treatment Centers explain the common drugs abused by blue-collar workers and how to help fight the addiction epidemic within this industry.


With easy access and a social aspect to drinking, many mining and construction workers turn to alcohol after a long and stressful day at work. There could be work-related stress and even injuries that cause these blue-collar workers to drink as a way to self-medicate. When heavy drinking becomes a pattern, this can turn into a serious issue that could lead to a full-blown dependence.


The opioid epidemic in this country has affected so many individuals and their loved ones. There have been many work-related injuries in construction that have caused these workers to be prescribed painkillers. While a doctor legally prescribes these medications, they have the potential to be extremely addictive if misused. Blue-collar workers who are addicted to painkillers such as oxycodone or hydrocodone can cause considerable destruction in the work environment for their fellow employees.

If you suspect that an employee is struggling with alcoholism or a painkiller addiction, there is a way to help this individual pull though and overcome the addiction. By partnering with a corporate recovery program from a professional drug and alcohol treatment center, the addicted individual will be able to receive the best care possible and reach sobriety. Once a customized treatment program is successfully completed, this worker will be able to return to work with the tools needed to maintain sobriety.

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