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How Exercise can Help You Stay Sober


Successfully reaching sobriety is a huge milestone that took determination and strength to accomplish.

When someone enters recovery from drugs or alcohol, the transition back into everyday life can present challenges. Newly sober individuals will have to deal with triggers and cravings, and learn how to stay on track when times get tough. Getting into a healthy routine that will keep you busy and active is so important during this time. Exercise is one activity that can help people release stress and allow their mind to focus in the moment on a healthy behavior. At Banyan Treatment Center, we are committed to helping our patients stay sober long after treatment is completed. We explain how exercise can help maintain sobriety and the benefits of staying active.

Exercise Can Help Fight Cravings

When you engage in any form of exercise, you are releasing endorphins and you are experiencing a natural high. This can replace the high you feel from drugs or alcohol. Exercise will help you get rid of any cravings you experience in recovery. You will be able to reach a sense of satisfaction from the exercise that can help reduce future cravings.

Healthy Way to Relieve Stress

The early stages of recovery can come with a lot of stress and worry about how to preserve long-term sobriety. If you have a lot on your mind, we suggest going on a run or taking a yoga class as an outlet to relieve stress and regroup. It has been proven that exercise can reduce stress levels and help with anger management.

If you feel on edge and that you want to use again, engaging in a workout can help get rid of the craving. This healthy activity will improve your wellbeing, and you will start to feel better immediately. Exercise promotes better health, and when you improve all of these aspects in your daily routine, you will be able to maintain your sobriety and stay on track. Sticking to an exercise routine will also help keep you accountable. If you need help reaching sobriety, our addiction treatment center in Chicago can help you fully recover and start over. Contact Banyan Treatment Center today to learn more about our customized programming at 888-280-4763.

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