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Dating in Recovery


In today’s modern world dating can be difficult, with the constant focus on swiping right and how many likes a photo will get.

It’s not always easy to find the right one who truly understands you, and when you throw recovery in the mix, there is a whole different layer that needs to be addressed. Dating in recovery for both men and women should be preceded with caution because your sobriety can be very fragile. Recovered addicts can see success in terms of dating. The treatment experts at our Chicago drug rehab suggest that you take some time before jumping back into the dating world immediately after drug and alcohol treatment is completed. Focusing on yourself and your progress should be your priority, especially in the early stages of recovery. Dating can come naturally once time has passed.

Take Some Time for Yourself

When it comes to enjoying all that life has to offer, finding a life partner to partake in activities that you both love is what happiness is all about. When you go through drug and alcohol treatment, you learn so much about yourself during individual therapy, and you learn that working on yourself during this process is the main focus. We suggest that you wait at least one year before you begin dating, because everyday life after treatment is a whole different ball game. The change and personal evolution you will go through is needed before you add someone else to the mix. Take the time to travel and partake in sober activities that you love the most, so you can maintain a positive and healthy mindset. Spend time with your friends and family members so that there won’t be feelings of loneliness. You can truly get to know yourself as a sober individual.

Stay Cautious

Now that some time has passed, it’s time to put yourself back in the dating game. It’s important to stay cautious of people’s intentions during this process because you could get hurt or jeopardize your sobriety in the long-run. When you go out on dates, you should look for qualities in people that will match up with your own, and finding common interests is a plus. You should stay away from heavy partiers or people who enjoy drinking often. Be upfront about your sobriety and your past struggles so that you maintain a high level of transparency from the start. Enjoy the moment and take in all that the dating process offers. Getting to know people and finding common ground can lead to great relationships. You can find your life partner when you least expect it!


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