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Holistic Recovery: Treating the Mind, Body, and Soul

Holistic Care: Treating the Mind, Body and Soul

The Benefits of Holistic Care in Substance Abuse Treatment Programs: Treating the Mind, Body and Soul

The road to recovery from addiction can be difficult. It’s common for those undergoing treatment to experience stress, anxiety, remorse, and even grief.

Traditional therapeutic groups, counseling sessions, and family therapy can leave patients feeling drained, maybe discouraged. Recovery, however, is about more than simply learning to put down drugs and alcohol. To truly heal, all aspects of self must be addressed; mind, body and soul. At Banyan Treatment Centers, we understand that this is necessary in order to achieve long-term, sustained recovery and our facilities offer a variety of ancillary, holistic treatment services to help patients along their journey.

1. Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation are ancient practices that are designed to help put people in touch with their innermost selves, attuning them to the energy of the universe and their place within it. The practices encompass mindfulness, focus and tranquility; they can reduce stress, anxiety and emotional distress. Through yoga and meditation patients can learn to become more self-aware, of both body and mind. Both practices require little to no equipment, enabling patients to continue the exercises after they have left treatment. For meditation tips for beginners from Banyan therapist Priya, click here.

2. Biofeedback

Here at Banyan Treatment Centers, patients have the opportunity to use the Serenity Bed, a form of biofeedback, to aid in the recovery process. Biofeedback is a proven method used to reduce depression, anxiety, stress, and to help improve sleep. The technique uses guided imagery, sound, and vibration to promote progressive muscle relaxation, focused breathing and improved mood. It has been shown to aid in crisis intervention, negating the circumstance of patients who wish to leave treatment Against Medical Advice (AMA).

3. Reiki Therapy

Reiki is an ancient Japanese practice that helps increase positive energy and feeling in those who participate. The name comes from the Japanese words “Rei” meaning “The Higher Power” and “Ki” meaning “life force energy.” The practice is spiritual in nature, yet not religious, and focuses on the ability to live in a way that promotes harmony and peace. The session is facilitated by a professional who is experienced in the method and takes place in a quiet, soothing environment. Similar to massage therapy, Reiki uses the technique of pressure

4. Aroma Therapy

Also called Essential Oil Therapy, Aroma Therapy is another technique used to aid in the reduction of stress, anxiety and problems arising with sleep. Essential Oils are derived from herbs, flowers, roots and other raw plants, each creating a strong unique scent. Certain scents (typically oils derived from citrus fruits, or “cool” smelling plants such as peppermint and eucalyptus) have been associated with their abilities to increase energy, productivity and focus. Others (including lavender, chamomile, rose and frankincense) are used to promote a sense of calm and improve sleep.

5. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is another healing technique that has been around for centuries, having originated in China. While the ancient Chinese believed that Acupuncture worked by balancing energies in the body, modern practitioners have since learned that medically, it stimulates various systems in the body (the nervous or digestive systems, for example), depending on how it is used. The effects can include lessened drug and alcohol cravings, decreased withdrawal symptoms, and alleviating of anxiety, depression, and more. Today, all acupuncture therapists are licensed professionals.

6. Music, Art & Movement Therapy

Art, Music and Movement Therapy are all techniques that can help patients to express themselves in a healthy way. Like many other holistic approaches, they encourage positive changes that improve mood and reduce anxiety and stress. Many patients find that having a creative outlet for their emotions benefits them greatly. Whether through the creation of lyrical content, painting, or dance, creative expression of this kind has been shown to increase dopamine, the “fool good chemical” in the brain.

If you’re worried that addiction treatment might be boring; that you might have to sit for hours, listening to the same voice lecture on the dangers of drugs and alcohol, rest assured that this idea simply isn’t true. Recovery from addiction is so much more than just traditional group therapy and individual counseling; it’s about improving a patient’s overall wellbeing and mental state, which must be done through a wide variety of methods and practices. Patients’ spirits must be restored, their mind, bodies, and souls all equally nourished. Banyan Treatment Center approaches substance abuse treatment with this philosophy, offering patients many different ways to participate in breaking free from the chains of addiction, while getting back to a natural and healthy balance.

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