3 Reasons Aetna is the #1 Rehab Insurance

3 Reasons You Should Take Advantage of Aetna to Get Rehab

3 Reasons You Should Take Advantage of Aetna to Get Rehab

Did you know Aetna can be your key to getting rehab care? Aetna’s been providing insurance coverage for 161 years, and recently they’ve been expanding their mental health and rehab coverage. The rates vary, of course, especially depending on if you’re in-network or out-of-network. You can use Aetna’s DocFind to see if you can get drug treatment near you that’s in-network. But even for out-of-network rehab, Aetna can pay up to 55.1% of the cost! Even if it costs you some money, though, rehab will pay off for the rest of your life. Here are three reasons Aetna might be able to help you get the rehab you need:

1. Aetna Offers a Member Payment Estimator

How can I make sure I can afford the kind of addiction services I need to get clean? So you’ve decided that you need to go ahead and enroll in a rehab center in order to control your drug addiction. But then you think: life’s not that simple—I can’t afford rehab, no matter how much I need it. When it comes to money, Aetna has tools to take the guesswork out of it. They created the Member Payment Estimator where you can find put in your information and find out for sure how much rehab will cost you. Find out the cost of your rehab through Aetna today!

2. The Foundation Scholars Program Diversifies Aetna

Aetna makes a special effort to hire very well-deserving and intelligent people from low-income and minority populations. Diversity is important for improving the quality of healthcare. This means that people who grew up in low-income families and minority families have a lot much to offer the healthcare industry. Aetna is capitalizing on this fact by offering mentoring and networking opportunities through the Foundation Scholars Program—and many incredible scholars from these backgrounds end up working for Aetna. Find out how Aetna can help you find the best rehab treatment center in Florida.

3. Aetna Has Over 23 Million Members

With Aetna, you’re not alone—you’re part of a network 23 million strong. Aetna operates in every state in the country, so you can get coverage wherever you go. And that means you can even go out-of-state for rehab—just like a vacation! Check out Banyan Treatment Center to find the Florida rehab you need from a facility that works with Aetna!

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