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Corporate Recovery Program

Corporate Recovery at Banyan Philadelphia

Banyan Treatment Center Philadelphia is a Joint Commission Accredited drug and alcohol treatment center. We pride ourselves in providing truly customized addiction treatment care for all men and women. Our corporate recovery program is designed to help industry-specific employees get the treatment they need, and we help them get back on their feet when it comes time to transition back into the workforce. We understand the needs of industry employees and take pride in helping those who work in some of the most physically demanding fields in the nation. Banyan recognizes the concerns that workers often have when taking leaves of absence, and we’re here to make this process easier. Our mission is to offer compassionate and comprehensive care, knowing that labor intensive work may lead to issues with physical health, addiction, and mental health disorders. Our drug and alcohol treatment center in Philadelphia is the perfect environment to recover from addiction and start over.

Addiction Treatment at Banyan

Drug and alcohol abuse often lead to issues at work. Banyan Treatment Center Philadelphia is here to help employees address substance abuse issues and prepare to successfully re-enter the workforce upon completion of addiction treatment. In fact, our studies show that 92% of patients were fully employed at 30 days post-program completion. Our drug and alcohol treatment facility offers a full scope of care designed to meet each person’s individual needs. Programming includes partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient services for all men and women. On average, more than 94% of patients polled reported satisfaction with our programs upon discharge and only 7% of our patients return for additional treatment at any of our nationwide treatment facilities.

We provide custom treatment programs for industries such as:

The Benefits of Our Corporate Recovery Program

At Banyan Treatment Center Philadelphia, our corporate recovery program offers numerous benefits and our customized care is provided throughout the entire stay. You will experience peace of mind knowing that your privacy is protected at all times. Additionally, we act as a liaison for all legal and judicial matters. We guarantee strong communication from the initial call through discharge and we will always support your recovery efforts even after treatment is completed. We also guide our patients through a smooth transition from employer, to treatment, and ultimately back to the workforce.

At Banyan Treatment Center Philadelphia, we understand the challenges many companies are facing in terms of drug and alcohol addiction among employees. We are your treatment partner of choice, providing industry-specific drug and alcohol recovery programs for successful sobriety. We partner with human resources departments, unions, and more to offer company-wide treatment solutions.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and need help, our drug and alcohol treatment center in Philadelphia can get you back on the right path through our treatment programs. Contact us today.

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