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The FDA Has Announced an Adderall Shortage


Adderall is the brand name for the immediate-release formulation of amphetamine mixed salts. It is a commonly used stimulant that is known for its ability to help people suffering from ADHD focus more on their obligations and daily tasks. On October 12, 2022, the US Food & Drug Association announced an Adderall shortage, one that continues to influence countless patients all around the country who are prescribed this medication.1 Our Banyan Treatment Center Locations are looking at how this shortage is a problem and what you can do in the case of an Adderall withdrawal.  

How Does Adderall Work?  

For ADHD patients, this drug works by heightening levels of serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine, producing a greater sense of regulated stimulation in the brain as opposed to the overstimulation experienced before taking it. On their own, a person with ADHD has a significantly lower level of dopamine, which is a neurological chemical that makes the individual feel good. The lack of dopamine is what causes people with this diagnosis to constantly seek out stimulation, explaining the hallmark short attention spans that many of these people struggle with.  

People without an ADHD diagnosis that take Adderall may have noticeable feelings of alertness and euphoria, with a better response to external and internal stressors. Although it is not recommended to take an unprescribed substance, it can explain much misuse amongst many college students and other demographics that need focus. If you or someone you know is relying on a drug that has not been prescribed to them, our addiction facilities can address this dependence through one of our prescription drug treatment programs. 

Why the Teva Adderall Shortage Is a Problem 

For people that have been taking this drug for a long period of time, regardless of if it was prescribed or not, ceasing use can result in Adderall withdrawal symptoms that range in severity. These are not the same as side effects and will only happen after you stop taking the drug.   

Symptoms of Adderall withdrawal include: 

  • Difficulty sleeping 
  • Physical and mental fatigue 
  • Nausea and vomiting 
  • Stomach cramps 
  • Feelings of depression and irritation 

These symptoms will typically develop within a couple of days of ceasing use. They typically last anywhere from a few days to several weeks but will depend on the individual person. Other factors that can affect the length and severity of symptoms include:  

  • Genetics 
  • Any family history of addiction 
  • TPhysical and mental health history 

Should you find yourself amid such withdrawal symptoms, we suggest that you seek out a substance-specific detox program like those found at many of our Banyan rehab locations. It is with these programs that we care for our patients 24 hours a day as their bodies adjust to the absence of the substances they have grown to rely on. Our team of clinical professionals will address all unpleasant withdrawal symptoms to make the process safe. 

FDA Suggestions and Actions 

As countless patients around the country wait for the Adderall supply to be restored, alternative therapies are encouraged. Examples include using the extended-release version of amphetamine mixed salts available to approved patients. Affected patients should work closely with their healthcare professionals to address any negative symptoms that arise in the time being. The FDA also ensures that they will monitor the current supply of this drug and do all that they can to assist manufacturers as they work to resolve this Adderall shortage. 

The FDA also has information posted about the shortage that can be referenced, including a current list of manufacturers and available product strengths that are not out of stock.2 It is never easy to have a medicine you have grown to rely on become unavailable, especially for people that truly require the benefits that proper use can result in. 

As for individuals that take it on their own accord, doing so without a doctor’s order is not only dangerous for the user, but it detracts from the already diminished supply that is currently available, and, most importantly, it is illegal. If you find yourself in such a situation, our Banyan locations offer a variety of services that can help to address your dependency and get you back on track. 

To learn more about our addiction treatment centers and the programs available, call Banyan at 888-280-4763. 




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Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
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