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How A Drug Addiction Cost Johnny Jolly His NFL Career


Johnny Jolly was a 6th round draft pick out of Texas A & M University in 2006 and was the defensive lineman for the Green Bay Packers for three years.

Unfortunately, his rise to NFL stardom ultimately ended because Johnny Jolly developed a drug addiction.

For over two seasons with the Green Bay Packers, Johnny Jolly became a fan favorite. Jolly starred in seven games and in 2007 with the Packers, he had totaled a combined 21 tackles.  He went on to accomplish so much more in his NFL career with 49 combined tackles in 2008, and in 2009, Jolly had another 40 tackles! Unfortunately, this all came to an end when Johnny Jolly’s addiction struggles got him suspended from the Green Bay Packers and he ended up in prison for 6 years.

Johnny Jolly’s Addiction To Cough Syrup

  Johnny’s addiction to codeine started when he was a sophomore in high school. In 2008, he was arrested for possession of 200 grams of codeine and was charged with a second-degree felony. Then Johnny Jolly was suspended from the Packers for one season because he tested positive for having codeine in his system when the NFL had tested him. In 2011, he was arrested multiple times and sentenced to prison for 6 years, though he only was in prison for a year. In court, Johnny Jolly plead to be allowed to be treated for addiction to codeine and wanted to go to an addiction rehab center. His attorney said that Johnny Jolly spent 8 weeks in court-ordered rehab.

We are so glad that Johnny got the help that he needed to get sober from a codeine addiction.

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