How to Deal with A Drug Addict Sibling

How to Deal with A Drug Addict Sibling

How to Deal with A Drug Addict Sibling

Recent surveys show how strongly addiction can affect us all; 46% of Americans have a family member or close friend who is struggling with addiction.1

Addiction can be especially difficult for families, as it is a disease that harms more than just the addict. The family dynamics of addiction can be difficult to grapple with and it’s especially challenging when you have a drug addict sister or brother. You are not alone; we are sharing what to do if you have a drug addict sibling to help your loved one and yourself.

What to Do When Your Sibling Is an Addict

When you have a drug addict brother or sister, it affects your whole family. Your sibling may be stealing from you or your parents to support their addiction and there are other challenges that may be present that make the situation difficult for you. While your sibling’s addiction puts them in difficult situations, it can hurt your whole family. You may be feeling betrayed, frustrated, or even scared. Maybe your whole family is going through turmoil due to your sibling’s addiction.

If you have a drug addict sibling, you are not alone. There is help waiting for you and your sibling. You can all heal from the wounds of addiction. The first step is to get your sibling help for recovery. We offer drug and alcohol treatment, detox, and ongoing recovery support. Call 888-280-4763 to learn more.

Healing Hurt Caused by a Sibling’s Addiction

Addiction is a family disease that has likely caused you a considerable amount of pain. While your sibling gets sober at our Boca Raton drug and alcohol detox center, there are programs that can help you heal. Ignoring your emotions regarding your sibling’s addiction will only allow these negative feelings to fester, so it’s crucial to address your own feelings as well.

In addition to working with our family treatment program, we recommend joining support groups for friends and families of addicts. These groups include other people who are affected by a loved one’s addiction and can help families of addicts in the healing process.

Addiction is a disease that hurts the addict, their friends, their family, and their loved ones. But it’s possible for everyone to heal. When your sibling is an addict, there are many options you have for helping yourself and your brother or sister.

Our team at Banyan Boca is here to help addicts and their families heal from the challenges of addiction with programs including detox, family therapy, and our SMART therapy program in Boca. Call 888-280-4763 to learn more about our treatment programs and family resources.


  1. Pew Research Center - Nearly half of Americans have a family member or close friend who’s been addicted to drugs
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