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Sobriety is a Full House


Jodie Sweetin is sober today, but her public struggles with alcoholism and addiction were tabloid news in the early 2000s.

Jodie Sweetin and John Stamos are both famous Full House actors who are now sober. Our drug addiction treatment center explores how the pressure of fame pushed these celebrities, and how their support for one another lead to recovery.

Jodie Sweetin’s Addiction

Jodie Sweetin’s struggles with addiction and alcoholism were outlined in her book, UnSweetined. In it, the star explains how her drinking started in the pursuit of self-confidence after Full House had finished wrapping. The shame of having an active addiction kept the star engrossed in her addictions, “I felt like a fraud, and a lot of shame went with that. And with all that, came more using, and feeling bad about it, and continuing to do it,” she shared.1

Jodie Sweetin is sober today, and she credits a large part of her successful sobriety to her children. She doesn’t want her children to see her mother making poor decisions. Sweetin’s sobriety has spread to another Full House star – John Stamos.

John Stamos Sobriety

For John Stamos to find his sobriety, the actor leaned on his Full House costar, Jodie Sweetin. In March 2019, Stamos thanked Sweetin for his sobriety. John Stamos struggled with addiction and turned to Sweetin after hitting rock bottom. She helped the actor through his recovery, guiding him through the drug and alcohol treatment process.

Now, both Full House stars are sober and sharing their recovery journeys. Their struggles with addiction show that no matter how rich or famous you may be, addiction can and does happen. Support is the key to finding sobriety, and support comes from those you love in addition to rehab guidance.

Getting Treatment for Addiction

Addiction happens to regular everyday people and celebrities alike, and effective treatment is key. If you or someone you love needs help finding sobriety, call on our team at Banyan Treatment Centers.

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