Why You Should Stay Sober Past Dry January

Why You Should Stay Sober Past Dry January

Why You Should Stay Sober Past Dry January 

What first started as a health campaign in the UK has become a growing campaign stateside1. What is Dry January? Dry January is a monthlong endeavor where participants choose to abstain from drinking all alcohol for the entire month of January. Those who participate in Dry January may not identify as alcoholics or even have signs of alcohol use disorder, but cutting alcohol out of the picture can be beneficial for anyone, even a person who doesn’t have an active alcohol addiction.

Benefits of Dry January

Many people choose Dry January after the alcohol-fueled gauntlet of the holiday season. There are many benefits to participating in Dry January, including weight loss, improved liver function, better blood pressure, and even improvement in identifiers associated with cancer1. While many people enjoy the benefits of Dry January, there are even more benefits to staying sober long-term.

Why You Should Continue Alcohol Abstinence for Good

Even if you are not an alcoholic or someone who struggles with alcohol abuse, alcohol can be dangerous to your health. In fact, drinking on average of 3 days a week puts women at higher risk for breast cancer and bone fractures, while even higher volumes of alcohol can increase risks of colon cancer2. Yes, even moderate intake below alcoholism or alcohol use disorder classifications can be damaging to a man or woman’s health.

At our facility for detox and alcoholism treatment in Boca, we understand how drastically health can improve when alcohol is out of the picture. If you have successfully completed Dry January without drinking, you are well on your way to all-around improved health. Continuing with sobriety is the best choice you can make for yourself this year.

For help getting and staying sober, contact our team to learn more about our program for alcohol detox in Boca Raton. We also offer a wide variety of treatment and alternate Boca Raton detox programs.

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