What to Know About Maintaining Sobriety in the New Year

What to Know About Maintaining Sobriety in the New Year

Whether you've been sober for some time or you're starting sober in the new year, maintaining your sobriety can be tough without the right approach.

At Banyan Treatment Centers, we offer effective approaches to drug and alcohol treatment. Our patients have successfully overcome addiction and many mental health struggles with long-lasting health and happiness. You, too, can stay sober, happy, and healthy in the coming year and far beyond. Here are tips for maintaining your sobriety in the new year.

How to Stay Sober in the New Year

This time of year, many people are making New Year's resolutions. Making resolutions is a wonderful form of self-improvement, but it is important to establish a plan for keeping these resolutions in the coming year. This is especially true for resolutions that pertain to sobriety and recovery. To stay sober in the new year, you should understand your triggers and stay active in supportive recovery communities.

Join an Alumni Recovery Program

Staying sober in the new year does not have to be difficult. With support from our alumni recovery program, former patients can connect with the support they need for lasting sobriety. The best way to stay sober in the new year is to connect with other sober people, especially those who have similar interests, goals, and struggles that you do. Our alumni recovery program does just that, connecting former patients with other newly sober individuals, counselors, and support systems for recovery.

Know Your Relapse Triggers

Relapse is a big fear for those who have completed drug and alcohol treatment. To stay sober in the new year, you should understand your potential relapse triggers so that you can approach these situations properly. This can involve avoiding your triggers or forming a game plan for how to address these triggers when they arise.

If relapse does happen, don’t give up on your New Year’s resolutions of sobriety, health, and happiness. Our stabilization program for addiction can help patients get back on track in their recovery.

Relapse can be challenging, but you can get back on the path of sobriety with the assistance of stabilization programs. Call 888-280-4763 to learn more.

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