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The Benefits of Intensive Inpatient Care


The Benefits of Intensive Inpatient Care

There are many different levels of care when it comes to addiction treatment and everyone requires their own customized treatment plan that will effectively address their needs and recovery goals.

The intensive inpatient care level is designed for those who have additional medical needs that require extra supervision than what would be provided through the residential level of care. There are many people who can benefit from intensive care at a professional drug and alcohol treatment center. This special level of care allows you to truly recover in a comfortable and safe environment. Banyan Treatment Center shares with you the many benefits of intensive inpatient care and how this type of treatment will enhance your recovery efforts.

Escaping Reality to Recover

Allowing yourself to escape from a toxic environment to remove all temptations and distractions is extremely helpful during the treatment journey. Recovery is best achieved in a safe intensive setting, like the level that intensive inpatient offers. At Banyan Treatment Center, patients live at our treatment facility during this time and are able to put aside the stresses of everyday life and focus on one thing only, getting sober. Support and nursing staff is available 24 hours a day for all patients during this level of care. Engaging in daily therapy sessions to deal with the daily struggles of overcoming addiction makes treatment the most stable and best option for recovery.

Proper Medical Resources

During intensive inpatient care at a drug and alcohol treatment center, you will be receiving high quality care through licensed clinicians, therapists, and nurses that truly care about your journey and goals. Typically this level of care is offered after a patient has detoxed from their drug of choice and requires additional medical attention. Our highly-qualified staff have the experience and dedication needed to help get you back on track.

Professional treatment centers should focus on effectively treating individuals and engaging in relapse prevention techniques to promote long-term sobriety. Banyan Treatment Center understands the difficulties faced during addiction treatment and we are here to help you through your recovery journey. Call us today at 888-280-4763..



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