How to Tell an Employee Needs Treatment

How to Tell an Employee Needs Treatment
Addiction can have serious effects on an individual and the people they closely associate with.

When an employee is suffering from this disease, the entire work environment can be affected and a team’s efficiency can be compromised. There are numerous warning signs to look out for to determine if your employee is addicted to drugs or alcohol and it’s important to spot this early on to help this person get the help they need to recover. When work is suddenly not getting finished and when your employee is coming in late, these may be signs that substance abuse is present and it may be time to confront this person. The treatment experts from Banyan Pompano explain how to tell when an employee needs addiction treatment.

When there is addiction in the workplace, the entire team can be affected and the group productivity levels can suffer because of this. An employee who is not completing their daily tasks will only cause others to pick up this slack and add more stress to the situation. As a leader and manager, you want the best for your employees and you do not want to see a team member struggle with this disease. Spotting addiction early on can help this person before it’s too late and the entire company will flourish as a result of treatment. In some situations, it can be hard to spot addiction as some people can “function” in a professional setting, however when the addiction grows everyone starts to become affected. Here are the common warning signs to look out for if you suspect that there is addiction in the workplace.

  • Frequent extreme mood changes
  • Sudden poor hygiene
  • Daily tasks are starting to not become completed
  • Constant absence or lateness without a warning
  • Longer break periods
  • Unwarranted outbursts at other employees

These are common signs of addiction and you must realize that just because one of these signs may be present that does not automatically mean there is addiction in the workplace. Sit down with your employee if you are concerned about their behavior. By communicating, you will be able to help your employee as well as get the rest of your team back on track.


If you are worried about a loved one or your employee’s well-being, contact our drug and alcohol treatment center in Pompano Beach today. We can help anyone truly recover from substance abuse. Reach out to us today at 888-280-4763.

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