Delaware Drug Addiction Recovery Blog - Banyan Treatment Center
November 28, 2022

Vicodin Withdrawal

Banyan's Delaware drug rehab is explaining the symptoms of Vicodin withdrawal, the timeline, and what you should do in the case of addiction or overdose.
November 21, 2022

Why Mixing Caffeine and Alcohol is Not a Good Idea

Sometimes, how we feel physically can be deceiving. Banyan Treatment Center Delaware is delving into why mixing caffeine and alcohol is not a good idea.
October 27, 2022

Alcoholic Nose: What Is It and Why Does It Happen?

Misinformation can be one of the biggest obstacles to accepting that a problem is present. Banyan Delaware looks at the alcoholic nose and what actually causes it.
October 14, 2022

ADHD and Alcohol

Some can find symptoms of their mental illness to be enough to warrant self-medication. Banyan Delaware explores the relationship between ADHD and alcohol.
September 29, 2022

What Is M365?

What is M365? Whether you’ve never heard of this medication or you’re about to start taking it, visit Banyan Delaware here to learn about its effects and risks.
September 28, 2022

Precipitated Withdrawal: Signs, Symptoms, & Treatment

Precipitated withdrawal can occur in people who are taken off certain medications too quickly. Visit Banyan Delaware here to learn about symptoms and treatment.
September 22, 2022

Lexapro and Xanax Comparison

Lexapro and Xanax share many similarities but which one is more additive? Visit Banyan Delaware to learn the risks of both drugs. Read more here!
September 22, 2022

Drug Testing Programs Reducing Overdoses

Visit Banyan Delaware to learn how drug testing programs can be beneficial to companies and to students. Learn more about the policy here!
September 6, 2022

Commonly Abused Drugs for Animals

Some people purposely hurt their pets to obtain prescription medications for abuse. Visit Banyan Delaware for a list of commonly abused drugs for animals.
September 6, 2022

Recognizing Heroin Paraphernalia

There are many ways to use drugs, some of which could be a red flag for treatment. Visit Banyan Delaware here for common heroin paraphernalia to look out for.