Family members are always affected when a loved one becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol. In fact, by the time most family members have realized the issue, the person’s substance abuse problem has progressed to the point where they need help. Whether your loved one is currently undergoing inpatient addiction treatment or is struggling with their drug or alcohol use, our Delaware drug rehab offers support for families of addicts via our family program. We can help you cope with the impact addiction has had on you while preparing you to help the individual recover.

Addiction Is a Family Disease

Addiction is known as a family disease not only because those with family members who have addictions are more likely to develop one themselves, but also because one person’s drug addiction affects everyone they’re close to. When someone develops a substance use disorder, their character and demeanor change.

If you have a spouse, parent, sibling, or close friend who’s slowly become more dependent on drugs or drinking, they can seem like a completely different person. In your desire to help them recover, you may put everything in your life on hold to dedicate your time to their needs.

As a result, what often happens is that people who are close to the addict begin to unknowingly enable their drug use by making excuses for them or always helping them with things they should take responsibility for. Eventually, “caretakers” of addicts may become reliant on the role they’ve taken in the person’s life, creating a harmful codependent relationship.

It can also be exhausting to care for someone with an addiction. While you may be careful not to enable them, it is often heartbreaking to watch someone you love struggle with the repercussions of drug and alcohol abuse.

Fortunately, in addition to the Delaware addiction treatment we offer to those with substance use disorders, our Milford rehab also provides help for family members of drug addicts via our Family Program.

What Our Family Center for Recovery Offers

The spouses, siblings, and parents of addicted loved ones are often left with picking up the pieces of the person’s behavior. As someone who’s close to a person with an addiction, you may have experienced frustration and heartache when attempting to convince them to get help.

You may have gone through arguments with this person, in which they may have said hurtful things. In those moments, it can be difficult to remember how tight of a grip that drugs and alcohol can have on a human being, often to the point where they’ll lie, steal, cheat, and even hurt the people they’re closest to in order to get their fix.

The mental, emotional, and sometimes physical toll that another person’s addiction can have is something no one should have to bear on their own. Fortunately, our Milford treatment center offers individual therapy and support groups for families of addicts to help them heal from the impact of addiction and prepare them to properly assist the addict in their recovery journey.

Those in our family addiction counseling program will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with our licensed therapists to discuss how they’ve been impacted by their loved one’s addiction and how it’s changed their life. In doing so, family members are given an unbiased perspective on how they’ve been affected by the addict’s behavior and ways they can heal.

Our support for families of drug addicts also includes educating family members on substance use disorders and why their loved ones behave a certain way. By offering a better understanding of what the addict is going through, we can open up their family members to the idea of making amends and playing an active role in the recovery process.

In addition to individual phone sessions with our professionals, we also offer support groups for families of drug addicts that are held in group settings to remind members that they aren’t alone in their struggles. We believe that group sessions promote peer support and help members when it comes to understanding the effects of addiction on the individual.

Our one-on-one and group meetings for families of addicts are not only designed to help them heal from their loved one’s drug and alcohol use but also to teach them how to play an active role in the person’s recovery. At Banyan Treatment Centers, we believe family involvement in addiction treatment is crucial in helping someone achieve long-term sobriety, which is why it’s one of our Family Program’s main goals.

Help for Families of Addicts in Delaware

If you’re struggling to help a loved one with an addiction or don’t know how to make amends with this person, our rehab center can help. In addition to substance abuse treatment and medical detox in Delaware, Banyan also offers various therapy programs to aid in patients’ recovery goals.

For more information about our support for families of addicts or levels of care for substance abuse treatment, contact Banyan Delaware today.

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