Banyan Delaware Levels of Addiction Care

Substance abuse problems are not the same for everyone. Some people are able to lead mostly normal lives on the outside while others have more noticeable problems. Addiction is a progressive disease, and not everyone will decide to get help at the same time. Some people will recognize their problem early on while others may live in denial until they reach rock bottom. Because substance abuse disorders fall into different levels of severity, there are different levels of addiction treatment to meet people at each stage of addiction and recovery.


Our Different Types of Rehab Programs in Delaware

At our Delaware substance abuse treatment center, we offer different types of addiction treatment programs that are designed to provide the support and level of addiction care that patients require in various parts of treatment. Many of our patients will begin the most intense type of treatment for addiction before transitioning to a lower level of care as they progress in their recovery journey. Before treatment begins, we provide a full clinical assessment to determine which program is best for you or your loved one.



A medical detox is usually the first step in the recovery journey. During this process, patients will start by combating their physical dependence on drugs or alcohol. Under the supervision and constant care of trained medical personnel, patients will safely and slowly be weaned off of the harmful substances that their bodies have become dependent on. Because withdrawal can be severe for some people, our staff is on hand to address any complications that arise and to make the process as comfortable as possible.



After detox, the next step on the road to lasting sobriety is addressing the root causes and ancillary problems associated with the patients’ substance abuse problems. During residential addiction treatment, patients will live on-site at our facility to ensure that they stay on the right track. Their schedule will consist of regular and daily programming in a safe and comfortable environment outside of the everyday triggers and stress in their normal lives. This level of addiction care is meant to help them slowly prepare for a life of sobriety. Residential programming requires a full commitment to treatment from the patient but also offers 24-hour support.


IOP for Veterans

For veterans and current service members, our intensive outpatient program is an excellent option that allows them to pursue effective addiction treatment whilst attending to their personal obligations. It is for patients who do not require a medical detox or 24 hour-supervision, either because their situation isn’t that severe or they have already completed those steps in their recovery. While returning to work, school, or their families, participants will have continual access to our addiction recovery specialists.


At Banyan Delaware, we want to ensure the long-term success of our patients in their journey to lifetime sobriety. Our different types of rehab programs are designed to meet people where they are in their recovery journey. To learn more about our programs or to help determine which level of addiction treatment is best for your needs or those of a loved one, contact us today.