Banyan Delaware Programs

At Banyan Delaware, we understand that addiction is a unique problem for everyone who is affected by it. There are various levels of substance abuse, different drugs of abuse, and a wide variety of secondary problems that can follow a substance abuse problem.

Because of these many factors at play, every patient at our facility will undergo a full clinical exam before treatment begins. This comprehensive assessment ensures that patients are placed in the correct substance abuse programs and they have a treatment plan specific to their needs.

Addiction Treatment Programs for Every Substance

One of the biggest variables of a substance abuse disorder is the substance being abused. Some people have one substance of choice while others are polydrug users. Each substance comes with its own unique set of problems and challenges. Some substances of abuse are often associated with specific physical or mental health problems. Because of these many variables, different treatment plans are often required for different substances of abuse. To give every patient their greatest chance of finding long-term success in sobriety, we offer a variety of drug and alcohol rehab programs in Delaware that are specific to the substance being abused.


Alcohol abuse is a disorder that falls on a wide spectrum. It includes everything from people who cannot go a few hours without a drink to people with problematic drinking habits that are good at hiding it. Our Delaware alcohol treatment helps people with every level of alcohol abuse overcome the unique challenges that come with drinking problems.


Benzodiazepines are prescription medications meant to help with a variety of health problems, but they can also be abused and are addictive. People who abuse benzos may be putting themselves in serious danger without even realizing it. Benzo addiction treatment can help people to stop abusing these drugs for good.


Cocaine is a hard drug that can cause serious damage to the body and lead to other significant problems in a person’s life. Even though someone may be aware of these issues, they may still struggle to stop using the drug because of its highly addictive nature. Our cocaine treatment program helps people quit and get their life back on track.


Rising in popularity with the opioid epidemic, heroin is a dangerous drug of abuse. Not only is it highly addictive but also has a high propensity for overdose. Keep yourself or a loved one safe with our heroin addiction treatment in Milford.


Meth abuse can lead to serious health problems as well as drastic and unsightly changes in physical appearance. Meth addiction treatment can help people stop abusing these drugs and work on fixing these problems.

Prescription Drugs

Although many of our substance abuse programs involve illegal drugs, these are not the only substances that can be abused. Even though they are prescribed by a doctor, some people will come to abuse and even become addicted to prescription drugs. Before they realize it, their prescription drug abuse is spiraling out of control. Our prescription drug abuse program helps people regain control and move forward.


Opioid abuse is a serious problem in the United States. These drugs include prescription painkillers, heroin, and powerful synthetic opioids. Some people will start by misusing painkillers before turning to heroin or synthetic opioids to get high. Get help as soon as you notice a problem with our opioid addiction treatment in Delaware.

Because addiction recovery is a lifelong journey, patients who successful complete one of our Delaware substance abuse treatment programs will automatically be enrolled in our rehab alumni program. This program helps connect people in recovery after treatment to provide a community of support in recovery and help patients achieve a lifetime of sobriety.