IOP Addiction Recovery for Veterans

When healing from a dependency on drugs or alcohol, different people will need different types of care to succeed. For instance, someone who is deep in the midst of active addiction will likely need detox and residential monitoring, while others may simply need a less intensive experience. In the case of the latter, IOP addiction recovery is a suitable option. Banyan Treatment Center Delaware offers specific programming for Veterans struggling with substance use disorders to help these brave men and women turn their lives around for the better.

What Is an IOP?

IOP stands for intensive outpatient program, which is one of several addiction treatment levels that we offer. This program is most useful for patients who still require consistent contact with treatment professionals but not on a residential basis. These patients don’t need medical detox, either because their situation is not severe enough or they have already completed it. Still, even being physically and medically stable does not mean someone does not need in-depth treatment.

The program itself will typically last for 12 to 16 weeks, while patients can expect to spend roughly 9 hours a week attending meetings, therapy sessions, and other forms of care. Patients live off-site, giving them far more flexibility to attend to personal obligations like school, resuming work, and caring for their families if necessary. Still, if a patient is living at home, it is required that the environment in question is supportive of their recovery to give them the best chance at maintaining their sobriety.

IOP for addiction programming can include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Complementary programs
  • Routine drug screenings

Of all the people who can benefit from IOP addiction recovery, veterans stand at the top of that list. The staff at our Delaware rehab center is committed to providing current and former service members with the best treatment possible.

Benefits of an IOP for Veterans Addiction Treatment

An intensive outpatient program is helpful for veteran addiction assistance because of the flexibility it provides. This allows participants to obtain life-changing recovery services while having the opportunity to pursue employment and attend to personal obligations, all while rebuilding their foundation. Making sure that these men and women have consistent support is crucial, especially when considering the prevalence of PTSD among veterans.

When left untreated, PTSD can be a major factor that results in the development of an addiction. This is why having access to the effective therapies offered by our IOP for addiction is so beneficial. Not only will patients be able to learn healthy coping mechanisms to apply when faced with temptation, but they can process any traumatic experiences they may struggle through with a clinically trained professional.

We sincerely hope that the flexibility of this program persuades those resistant to treatment to accept the help they need. It is understandable that dropping everything to attend rehab for months at a time is not always possible, and we want to make sure this does not keep people in their own addictive cycles.

To learn more about how we can help you or a loved one heal from addiction, contact Banyan’s Delaware rehab for more information today.

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