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Delaware Addiction Services Offered

Addiction is a destructive and progressive disease that can negatively impact several different aspects of a person’s life as well as those closest to them. It starts with the misuse or experimentation of different substances, but before the person realizes it, they are addicted to these drugs and working their way toward rock bottom. Some people get help before their problems become too severe, but others are in denial and wait far too long. At Banyan Delaware, we understand that although many people struggle with substance abuse, these problems take many forms. Addiction and recovery from addiction is different for everyone.

Our Milford Addiction Services

People have different substances of choice, some people fall further into their addictions than others, and the effectiveness of different programming will vary from person to person. Because of these differences, our addiction treatment services are designed to help people in various stages of the recovery process get the treatment they need to find lasting sobriety and move forward with their lives.

Different Levels of Care

Because substance abuse is a wide spectrum that varies from high-functioning alcoholics to hard drug users at rock bottom, not everyone will need the same level of care. We offer different levels of addiction treatment so that we can provide each patient with the substance abuse treatment services they need to match the severity of their substance abuse. Many of our patients will also transition through these levels of treatment as they make progress in their sobriety journey.

Substance-Specific Programs

Although people who struggle with addiction often experiment with several different drugs, many people with substance abuse programs prefer a specific type of drug. Each drug of abuse is different and comes with unique problems for the abuser. To help address these specific issues and to provide our patients the support of others also struggling with an addiction to the same drug, we offer various drug-specific detox and substance abuse programs.

Various Therapies & Programming

Because of the wide degree of secondary problems that can accompany a substance abuse disorder, all our addiction treatment services include exposing our patients to a wide range of addiction therapies and programs. This programming includes everything from evidence-based practices to less traditional holistic therapies for a comprehensive approach to treatment. All of these programs are held individually between one staff member and the patient or in small groups led by trained professionals who are experts in their respective fields. These therapies are also comprised of techniques and activities that patients can carry into their everyday lives once treatment is over to help them in their recovery journey.

At Banyan Delaware, our mission is to provide patients with an individual treatment plan that matches their specific needs and gives them the greatest chance of finding long-term sobriety after their program is over. Our wide range of addiction treatment services are designed to meet people in every stage of addiction and the recovery process so that they can progress forward in their recovery journey. Stop waiting and get started on the road to sobriety today.

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